Or is it Wednesdaywednesdaywednesday.

But. Oh no so much for looking forward to going to two highland places in one week.

Either way yay!
Must shop. Or window shop at least.
Then Nikki and Van  I know where to bring y’all next time! Please come soon. Er okay I’m not exactly super available myself but, well, you tell me the dates first.

I wonder if Nikki bought the tube dress?

By the way I intend to start a blogshop with bigsmallsis…and Nikki I changed my mind about what to do. Haha.
Let’s hope this isn’t another one of those LET’S-DO-THIS-but-on-2nd-thought bouts I tend to suffer from. No I am determined to persist.

It just occurred to me. Jumjum Gumgum Dumdum <–haha and _um_um need a picture together. What’s this man. How many years of being friends already?

Oh no I’m nocturnal, it’s confirmed. But I bet Nanett disagrees. Okay, Nanett I’m nocturnal, but you’re a morning person. 3-4am is morning, anyway. Haha.

Did I tell you I cooked lunch today? Black sauce chicken slices and french beans. Ha. Who’s proud of me? 😀  Unassisted, bee tee double you.

Ha. I’m sleepy but can’t sleep. Mind’s a whirring little windmill of thoughts now…happens when I’m half asleep. Apparently my next-door neighbour likes to switch on his tap in the middle of the nightmorning and whir a lot too bloody hell.

Neighbour noisy. Stop the freaking knocking and jabbering, honestly. Wall’s thinner than you know. I wish I had your phone number. Then I’d put on my pretend-deep voice and courteously complain while sounding intimidatingly MAN. HAHA. Well Tamie, if you ever read this no but I’m sure you don’t, remember the weird guy who kept calling my phone and saying “Hello, goodnight!” and remember my pretend-deep voice? Which was by the way spoiled by your giggling in the background hmph haha.