Lately I’ve been crying a lot in front of the TV.

I cried at the last part of The Guardian.
I cried at the last part of Children of Men.
I cried at the last part of today’s CSI episode.
I would have cried at the part Edmund got stabbed if I’d watched Narnia.

What an unlikely list!

I have lost my taste for depressing movies. I used to like them, you know, because I thought crying at movies gives you some kind of emotional relief, or cleansing. Like how the outside feels so refreshing after heavy rain.

I only watched Children of Men because it’s #147 at imdb. But shucks it’s completely depressing. Everyone dies.

And you know how I have a soft spot for old people and hate to see them dying in movies.


But I don’t mind a tearjerking happy ending! Like in Love Actually where you feel completely overwhelmed by the awww-someness of it all hehe. Those are happy tears!

Now I don’t want to watch Atonement anymore because I highly suspect it’s going to be very, very depressing.

P.s. Thank you WordPress for your incredible recovery features. O.o