In the past couple of weeks I have really derived the greatest of joys from the most mundane of things.

I’d never been so happy to receive a letter from the tax man (because I finally got my Tax ID, thus filling another blank field in the endless reel of bureaucratic forms).

There was a positive swing in my step one fine Friday morning because I’d managed to get my health insurance sorted in broken German.

I rushed home in anticipation of the delight in finding my Packstation membership card in my “Souterrain” letter box (which I did after two tries).

The Sunday morning 2am confirmation I got from that a technician had been appointed and was coming my way to fix my broken phone screen saved what could have been a horrible Monday.

I found the loveliest tea towels in Primark.

I discovered the Aperol Spritz.

And now, bless us all, I have internet!