Trees in shadow
And trees aglow
Dance in morning sunlight!

But shoulders sag
And the feet drag
Away from the merry sight.

For Tuesdays
Must be whiled away
On hours of furious typing.

But they can never breach
Beyond their reach
My dreams are for my keeping.

Duty compels
But the brain rebels
Against the task at hand.

But don’t inundate!”
A paradoxical command.

The remedy
To such absurdity
Is to dilly-dally.

Resize some fonts
Swap emoticons
Till the clock strikes twelve-thirty!

Then to endure
The brunt of pure
Unbridled gluttony

Who would suspect
Lunch sets could subject
One to such lethargy?

Luckily for us
Deadlines are just
A matter of best endeavour

Not black and white
No wrong or right
Rather, with whom to curry favour!

(I’m not finished!)