Midway to work this morning, fresh from a happy night of making music under the stars, I passed by Hafiz, my group mate from the Allianz workshop, who is blind, waiting for a taxi with whom I assume is his son. In a typically volatile fashion, guilt and restlessness soon began to poke through my veil of positivity.

I still remember very strong feelings post-Salvation Army singing workshop, from music time with Matthew and the other children from Tiverton School, from Allianz, from Mr. Wong’s comments about Incantations…why yes everyone, please do behold my List of Self-Validating Life Events.

But Self-Examination behoves me to ask what the point of the feels that does not translate to action is? As much as I think intentions define your moral character…strong intentions and inaction combined are basically a recipe for vanity and complacency. Ooh I think (of doing amazing inspiring good things), and therefore I am (an amazing inspiring good person).

Self-Actualisa…yuck cough I mean, becoming the person you want to be takes hard work – doing, doing, doing, dancing on “parched cinder” and “fiery cobbles” beneath your feet. The pursuit of your passions will never bear fruit without persistence. So here’s to perseverance, to constancy, in the manner of the devotion of Frederick Wentworth to Anne Elliot (hello Austen allusion).