Tonight as I drove into the condominium parking area, I glimpsed the moon in a magical state – a starkly golden rim, brighter than usual, encircling a puff of dark cloud that had nestled in its pale yellow centre. Silver ribbons of grey cloud streamed loosely around it, having escaped its golden clutches. A hushed silence descended. The echoes of chaotic, angry day at work and all its misgivings disappeared. This was a stirring sight; like something plucked out of someone’s dream. Surely this world and its petty trifles isn’t all there is! Surely, beyond, behind that beckoning halo was a place brighter, happier, kinder, more beautiful than this one, this world full of its cold uncaring inhabitants, living impassive day to impassive day!

…Then of course, looking out the window now, the moon looks awfully small and unromantic next to the giant fluorescent wording crowning the new posh condo building opposite, lording over all the older condos and low-cost apartment at its feet. That sign, bearing the word “capri”, is a sore sight, a pain in my posterior, a prime demonstration of the ugly intrusiveness of urban development, because the light that emanates is so glaring, my room is never awash in natural moonlight anymore.

So the moment is gone. Perhaps the sight was imagined; conjured up after a tiring day, but it was what my mind saw, and sometimes, that matters more than what was really there.

Sometimes I wish I existed in two selves – one here, dealing with practicalities and daily drudgery – one in that land beyond the moon, never having to file taxes or please people, only spending time by lakes and mountains and sea, that I could escape to whenever I liked.