I’ve never really been big on traditions. I find most cultural traditions cause for completely unwarranted stress, and an unnecessary occupier of memory space. Especially wedding traditions. All I really care for is that I’m happy, my husband-to-be is happy, our parents are happy, and I look way too elegant in my wedding dress (and pictures).

Sure, I can accept serving tea on my knees to my elders, because respect for older people is something I am agreeable with in principle, but no way in hell am I going to let some baby jump three times on my bed on my wedding day (ew, feet) because I want ten babies or my firstborn to be a son or whatever.

But today on Christmas Day I thought a little about it, and realised that as much as I enjoy claiming I resist tradition and I’m such a rebel and I’m too cool (bahaaa) and all that, I realise that I might have a reason for wanting to keep a tradition or two after all.

All because I didn’t get any white Christmas this year.

No trudging through 3-inch snow in cheap, slush-soaked boots. No tugging H&M beanies over my ears to keep them from falling off. No carolling in the Math and Stats building, or singing the Hallelujah chorus at maximum zeal and volume to an awestruck audience. No marinading chicken and potatoes in 87p Tesco herbs and Tesco EVOO, no sipping mulled wine from 4-for-a-pound wineglasses.

Yes, I am the expert at mulling over bygones. Clearly I am still jammed in that little hole people call the past. It’s probably kind of sad that I can’t help getting mournful and sappy and wistful every time I see or listen to anything that remotely reminds me of those 3 years, or makes me distastefully compare something to those 3 years. But in a way I actually like getting reminded like that because whenever that happens it means I am reminiscing about good times, and oh, such good times they were.

So I have decided that I am going to start a few…hypothetical celestial omnipotent being upstairs forbid…traditions of my own. E.g. my family has never really done proper Christmas dinners, but from now on, every

Christmas, this little lady of the house is going to take charge of the kitchen. Every Christmas, I am going to bake something Christmassy and share the love with colleagues and/or friends, like santa hat brownies and Christmas cupcakes and all that jazz. My future daughter is going to grow up baking something pretty at Christmas every year.

You know, I have a theory. I keep associating ‘tradition’ with ‘culture’, but it’s really not just purely that. It’s also about doing certain things regularly at certain times because it reminds you of something good you had, or it rekindles sentiments about something good you currently have. Like Christians celebrate Christmas because it reminds them of Jesus’s suffering and sacrifice and etc…don’t know, I’ve lost touch. I celebrate Christmas because it reminds me of winter and snow and zooming past pretty cottages on a train, of winter coats and gloves, of Christmas trees and roasts, of Christmas carols and singing in a choir and Santa hats, of red and green Christmas markets, and decorating gingerbread men in Leamington Spa. And I’m going to start a few of my own Christmas traditions, simply because of the reasons above, simply because those memories make me feel ridiculously at peace with the world.

It’s been a really good Christmas season. Christmas began with the tiny Christmas tree I brought to office, and then the row of paper cut-out Christmas trees lining my desk divider.  And then the stocking, and the magic shoes and stapler I found in it one day… And then the Santa Hat brownies at the FSD potluck, and the grossly overdone Christmas deco in every bloody mall I go to.

This morning I woke up to snuggly rainy weather and Christmas carols; spent it lounging in front of the TV watching cheesy Christmassy things. Then the afternoon was spent making one hell of a Christmas dinner for my family (by my standards only though, I didn’t expect much haha). And then I lounged in front of the TV some more watching even more cheesy Christmas movies on ‘Diva International’ or whatever the hell Hallmark is known as nowadays…

It’s been a good Christmas, for sure. Here’s to an exact repetition of all those things above next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, etc.

Merry Christmas, everyone!