Red Velvet Cupcakes - Beginner's Luck

So here are the secret cupcakes I made over last weekend. Maybe because I wished harder for it to be better, it turned out better than the second batch.

Maybe I put too much cheese the second time round? Yes, I know, the standard recipe doesn’t have any cheese in it, but the ‘au naturale’ beetroot recipe I found online did (click), and I thought that if I substituted beetroot with dragon fruit and followed the rest down to a T it wouldn’t be a problem.

…Next time I’ll just market them as red velvet cheesecupcake. Cheesecupcake. That’s a cute name!

On another note, life is good. My bedroom is pretty. I have a purple hair dryer, purple straightener, purple lamp and purple bag.  There is a guitar in my room, and I have internet access now so I can google lyrics. Work is interesting and fun, plus I am surrounded by retards of the good kind (i.e. retards like me). I had a good birthday, very understated and cosy.  I have postcards of places I love and overly romanticise on my wall.

Yeah, I don’t really have anything to blog about, I just felt it was time I did. Oh, or more like, I don’t have anything to do because I’ve had enough of reading for the day, and internet here is so slow, Bones is taking my grandmother’s lifetime to load, and I want to stick my head in a….majorwave (inside joke).

What shall I bake next? I’m thinking something mangoey…