Today was another one of those days.

Another one of those ridiculously contented days I feel should be etched in writing, simply because it made me feel ridiculously fulfilled.

It is a rare and wonderful thing to be able to wake up and immediately see someone that makes you so happy – and you know it is genuine because you mumble and say happy things in that state of half-awakened slumber.

It is so nice to be able to colour your afternoon and evening in the company of newfound friends you trust and like and make you laugh, even if you waste so much time on mundane things like getting lost and finding a space in the parking lot. Because at the end of it all, you have a good meal, you make wisecracks, and it becomes another funny memory to be tucked away safely, and then unwrapped and remembered in times of death-defying gloom.

It is satisfying to spend the late evening discussing matters that are deeply close to your heart, and that you are genuinely care about. And then, in a morbidly ironic kind of way, to adjourn to somebody’s room to indulge in something as shallow but deliciously fun as scaring ourselves silly over some silly horror movie.

And it is simply magical to end the night lying down under the stars, gazing up at the sky, tracing out with your fingers the rainbow rings that circle the moon, pondering about life and death and the universe, reflecting on how tiny and insignificant we are, really – with friends you have known and loved for a long time, and friends you know you will love for a long time.