Mmm what you say

That you only meant well

Well of course you did

Mmm what you say

That it’s all for the best

Because it is

Mmm what you say

Mmm that’s just what we need, you decided this

Mm what you say

Mmm what did you say?

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth

Mid-sweet talk newspaper word cut-outs.


Imogen Heap’s music has spoken to my soul ❤

I stewarded for her Warwick Arts Centre gig today 🙂 Amazing show. I’m itching to type BEST EVERRRRRR but then how many gigs have I attended?? No sweeping statements, please! But in any case, everything about the show was quirky, fun, original, and, musically, SO beyond the capacity of us mere mortals.

Imogen Heap is incredibly original, and I love how she rambles about the little stories behind her songs, her random observations, her pumpkin commentaries, her transparent grand piano-esque keyboard casing (<3!), and her VOICE. Spoken, it is deep and really ten octaves below my lowest note, quite possibly (ok..not). And sung, it goes from ten octaves below to ten octaves ABOVE my range. Okay, again, an exaggeration, but you get me.

And well I kinda regretted the stewarding part a bit because I found out the ticket was only 5 pounds for students! I thought it was 17.50!  I could have gotten a frontal view!

But no matter, met some nice fellow stewards and had nice conversations today. And got a lift back, best of all!

Mental note, however: Bring water with you next time, silly, unless you want to perpetually be wary of speaking with your mouth too close to people’s faces 😛