As the title above appeared in type, I realise how misleading it can sound – Ah, London very well comes across as one of those oft-seen blog posts about another day in city life. Perhaps some gripings about the inefficiencies of the tube. Or about the smog and soot pervading London’s streets. Or maybe some glittering praise about how wonderfully golden London looks basking in the glow of Autumn sunshine. Or perhaps, grateful musings about a kindly stranger who lent a hand with a heavy suitcase.

But no, nothing like that. Since stepping foot into this cosmopolitan, buzzing city that has come to be associated with my third home, I’ve barely ventured into the prettier parts of London – or should I say, the Londoner parts of London. I flew back here on the 12th, and barely 12 hours later was back on a plane to the last half of what was previously joined as Czechoslovakia. 6 days later, after traipsing across Austria and Germany, I am now properly and finally back in London.

So ah, London, because it feels good to settle once more into the rigmaroles of domestic life in my brother’s little London flat. Ah, London, because today is the first day I’ve been able to enshroud myself in some alone time after what feels like an absurdly long time (my brother and his wife are away). Ah, London, because I’ve missed my brother’s comfy couch so!

My first day in domestic London began last night, with a night visit to Tesco with Vanessa with the purpose of shopping for this week’s food. Today, this morning, I woke up, booked Vanessa a taxi, warmed her doughnut, then sat at my laptop for a good few hours reading the Anne of Green Gables series off Project Gutenberg (and steadfastly deciding that I will own the entire series in print at some point). Then I made herbal tea to drink, did my laundry (whites), made watercress soup with the ingredients I acquired the night before, hung my laundry up to dry and did my second load of laundry (blacks). After that I got out my brother’s lint-roller (I love lint-rollers!) and de-lint-ed the coats and jackets I wore in the past week, and followed that with ironing my outfit for tomorrow’s first day of work experience. Now I sit here, eyebrows having been plucked, with mask plastered to my face and hence rendering a very grim white-faced expression as I type this, as if I was typing about some unfortunate event.

Mundane, surely. Yet, sometimes when life gets a bit too exciting it feels good to be able to turn back to the comfort of mundane, homely tasks. Ah, London.