9 more days and I’m gone from this part of the earth, yet again. So what have I achieved over summer?

Firstly, really long and heavy hair. Washing my hair nowadays is such a chore. So is getting it to not look like an upside down mop when I leave the house.

Secondly, a nice bunch of cereal cookies but a flat (and I mean really flat) carrot cake that resembled a pancake. My mother blames it on the self-raising flour, which, apparently, has been sitting in the fridge for a while… My resolve is to bake a real one before I go. Along with a nice and big fruit tart.

Third, 3 really special weeks with a special bunch of children that I miss very very much. I wish I could do a pictorial writeup on every single one, to record their cutest moments and all the little things I want to remember. But since I cannot, for fear of violating their privacy and such, I shall have to ramble on and anonymously list what I remember off the top of my head.

# The boy who runs up to me whenever I open my little bottle of hand sanitiser.

# The boy who makes very slow and soft shooting gestures and me and smiles when I shoot him back – the same boy who affectionately touched his brother on the cheek when I asked him if he loved his brother (Azizi, you sayang your brother tak?)

# The girl who calls me mommy and in whom I accidentally instilled the habit of kicking sand (oh boy). Who also points at any dirt, water stain, litter she sees and says very indignantly – “Dirtyyyyyy!!!” or “An zhang!!!!” – while fanning herself. Cute. 🙂

# The girl who moves in slow motion, and must shake everybody’s hand, and giggles while doing so. She makes siren-like sounds when excited, and gurgling sounds when concentrating on a task like unscrewing toy screws from toy nuts.

# The girl who comes in every morning with her hair gathered in bright coloured hair ties, and must hug me whenever she sees me.

# The boy who is really the most indifferent but kicks very aggressively when angry, and sometimes gives me a hug or drops on my lap when I sit cross-legged on the floor. He is fascinated with spinning objects, and makes crying noises if the fan isn’t switched on.

# The girl with cerebral palsy who sneaked into the younger class to look at artwork on display, and cheekily put her finger to her lips to ask us not to tell her teacher.

Aww now all that’s put a smile of my face (:

Fourth, a really lovely Singapore trip. Well, as always, but this time with a little extra.

So I guess that’s it then.

After this, it’s back to London, a bit of traipsing around Austria, Germany and Slovakia, a week of learning at Wigmore Hall, then it’s time.

Time to go back to real life. And start embracing adulthood.

Adulthood, eh? I really cannot wait (insert major sarcasm here).