CSIs on TV like to take multiple identical shots with their flashy cameras. And when they do I always think really, is it not cool enough to have just ONE click of the shutter? But regardless of whether the multiple shot thing is really just some fancy TV stylisation, pictures really do say a lot.

Like wedding pictures. A friend was showing me pictures of her friend tying the knot. What does it say when the girl is wearing a tight-lipped, stiff smile when she poses? What does it mean when she looks nonchalant, almost standoffish when she is signing the certificate?

(Of course, a dull dress and a complete lack of makeup might just be a symptom of grooming-skill deficiency…but shouldn’t you want to look presentable at least?!)

I know it’s not necessarily a view shared by everybody but I think a wedding should be the happiest day of your life. If it isn’t, don’t get married. Doubts are one thing but if you are indifferent, that’s even worse. I think indifference is the deal-clincher – lack of emotion is much worse than negative emotion.

I love looking at wedding pictures. Not only because I love checking out how good-looking the newlyweds are, or when that fails to interest me, how pretty the dress is, or when even THAT fails me, how good-looking the bride is compared to real life (haha pardon my superficial tendencies), but because I love how radiantly happy brides look when they get married.

When they take cheesy shots of she and the groom looking into each other’s eyes. When there are candid captures of her simply chatting with someone, in her gown, all glowy and all teeth showing, on her big day. And I think – I want to feel this happy someday. I want to be smiling all the time, almost giddy, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, publicly declaring to the world that yes I love this man, and have it written very clearly on my face.

And I want everyone I love to be happy for me.