A few days ago, sometime during my very exciting Singapore trip, some very characteristically exciting things happened.

First, I got a bruise under my nail. And how, may you ask? Well, I went to the loo, stepped into the cubicle, and very casually slammed the cubicle door onto my middle finger. Now if childbirth is a hundred times more painful than this, I can tell you from this incident that going into labour will knock me right out.

Thank goodness a manicure following this unfortunate event saved the day and the colour of my nail; because it is now still a pretty pink (with a sneaky hint of underlying bluish green).

Second, I nearly got run over by a bike. I was strolling at a leisurely pace with my friend along the pavement…sidewalk…pedestrian footpath…different countries have different names. Whatever. And then from behind me I heard a very nondescript “ding ding!” – which, to most intellectually average human beings, is a warning that a bicycle is approaching from behind and it would be a good time to step aside lest you enjoy lying face down on the ground with a neat little wheel print on your behind. However, I very happily repeated after the bell – “Ding ding!” and happily went on my way, to the incredulity of my walking companion.

I just felt like jotting those down.

That’s done now 🙂