Some songs make me wish the world would stop for a while.

So I can get up, walk out into the cold in my dressing gown, feel the chill creep up my spine, but then things would be so surreal, I wouldn’t actually feel it at all.

I like editing photos. Because I think sometimes when you add that touch of unrealistic colouring, it’s like you’re giving yourself a sliver of hope that the world can be that beautiful. It can be like how your photos seem to say it is. It can be black and white, a vintage shade of ochre, it can have sunlight so bright, yet you can still see a person’s features in all its clarity.

Music does the same thing to me. It puts the world around you in context, and for a moment you feel unreal, like you are the subject of a carefully crafted fan video. Like everything will start and end on a poignant note within the span of 5 minutes.

This reminds me of a particular anecdote in Roald Dahl’s book – “Witches”. A girl , put under an evil spell, was transported into a painting on the wall. She became a part of it, and if you looked carefully enough, you would see that she moved on occasion, and grew old, and one day disappeared from that picture.

I wouldn’t mind being that girl, to be honest. It was apparently a very scenic painting. So why not?

Oh, how I am drawn to the idea of alternate realms.