Inertia and stagnation.

We all know how all this works. You either help yourself pick up the pieces, or you stay a shattered and scattered in a random, directionless fashion.

Getting a grip on life may cut you senseless, but “there are sacrifices” in doing the right thing. There always are.

And yes, I am a drama mama. Nobody died, don’t worry.

I started a new photoblog. Not because I want double the attention I’m getting from this blog, but because once in a while I take pictures I want to remember forever. And I don’t think such beautiful accidents should be just forgotten or stashed in a folder nondescriptly named “New Folder (2)” or “To Upload” (but never done). Also, if my hard drive ever crashes, or if my external hard disk gets lost somewhere, I don’t want to cry over lost pictures.

So yes, photoblog. I hereby declare you open:
I haven’t decided as to whether I’m going to name the places – things are prettier when they’re charismatic and mysterious, of course – like girls – but then if I don’t, what if I forget?