It’ been fun embracing second year and all its grand plans.

Right now I’m sitting at my new desk, in my new room, in my new house…new meaning new to me, and not new in the sense of age, unfortunately. My chair has a new cushion, my bed has an extra pillow, cushion and two extra hedgehogs, my bookshelf looks rather pretty. Thank you IKEA, thank you random snow globes from places around this continent, thank you built in wardrobe. Room decoration is going rather well – not as glamorous as I’d expected, but well nevertheless.

I guess I’m happy.

But I’m also suffused with fear at the moment. Second year is going to be unbelieveably hectic and I don’t know if I can do this – juggling a billion responsibilities with people and myself. It might all take a toll on my sanity, and I might only get, as Nikki said, ‘weirder after another year’.

It’s an adjustment, I must say, coming back to Warwick after a month plus and seeing familiar faces in a different setting. It almost feels like an alternate parallel universe.

Hoo boy. All this ambivalence.