I find it ridiculous that I am only motivated to write when I am unhappy about something.

So here we go. A penny for my happy moment!

I’m supposed to compose a couple of songs for the upcoming Singapore Society musical – lyrics + song and the works, and at first it seemed like it should be easy. I mean, it’s a musical! Big fan here! Surely I can hear a tune coming into my head…even now…

Then when I actually got down to it, it was extremely hard (I’m not exactly the lyricising and the composing type). Because, trust me, when you are bad at this, and keep hearing OTHER songs in your head, you lose all semblance of originality.

Now I’m almost done with my first song, so it seems slightly easier.

Almost done.

First song.

Almost done, meaning I’ve got the lyrics and the melody- I’m just working on the semi-final touches before I can present it to somebody. Which means I’ve to record myself playing and singing it (!). This is not going to be funny.

I can hear it, I can picture it in my head! The whole scene! The singing! The dancing! The expressions! The colours, swishing, in time to the music (the production of which will be a task in itself).

This is eggciting indeed! I can’t wait for the whole thing to slowly unfurl and come to life.

I feel very contented today (: