I’ve come to realise that most of my life has been and is still revolving around expectations.

I’ve always been expected to act a certain way, achieve a certain level, conduct something in a certain manner….so much so that this is how I’ve come to view people.

I expect people to follow a certain set of moulded expectations. Adults are always mature. Doctors are always intelligent. Friends should always be openly caring. Etc.  And when they deviate, I feel disappointed, and I judge ever so harshly.

I guess this applies to relationships as well. Like how sometimes i feel like I don’t tell Alex enough and then I get quite upset about it. But is there the necessity to regale him with every single little thing in the first place? I just expect that I should tell him every tiniest detail. By tiniest detail I mean, “Oh my hard disk is full!” Which is wrong. Because that’s really not the point of the relationship and getting upset over that just because you EXPECT that it should be is just not right, is it?

Of course some measure of expectation is fair enough but…it’s give and take, right? Never lean too much on one thing, too many eggs in one basket?

Maybe someone was right in telling me that I do need to open my mind after all. And love people for who they are, and not because they act like how I hoped they would.

And maybe that way I’ll find myself disappointed less often. And then feel generally happier. Maybe?