We saw a boating competition.
We attended 5 minutes of the United Islands 2009 music festival.
We walked down Charles Bridge almost everyday, with St. Vitus twinkling in the distance.
Everyday we looked out for the railway bridge, because it meant home.

We ran after Tram 17 once, much to the excitement of cheering young men onboard, but intentionally missed the tram after that because we were so embarrassed.

We watched our friend walk right up to a group of Asians and stare openmouthed because she thought it was someone familiar.


We traversed the streets and stopped at random pubs and restaurants to eat, because the food was so good and so cheap.
We drank beer everyday, because it was cheap, and because it was all brewed in the restaurant itself.


We saw the 80000 names of Czech Jews who perished during the Holocaust, and the graves of 40000.
We saw the paintings Jewish children drew in times of adversity. We saw their manifestations of hope, dreams, fears, love and innocence.
We saw their dates of death. It wasn’t very much later.


We learned something new about Prague everyday.

We shopped…at Mango.
We happily gushed about our very nice B&B owner everyday, guessing his age, a different guess each time.
We frivolously gossipped about the Swede girl who kept hitting on the tour guide.

We watched me fall with a splat onto the paved ground while sitting on my luggage bag.
We bought an icecream to eat everyday – be it a gelato or a Twister.
We walked, and walked, and walked, for hours, one instinctive, one paranoid, one happy to just accomplish her mission of snapping photos and looking for watermelon gelato.


We cut through Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square everyday, snapping a different picture of Tyn Church each time, set against different weather, different sky, different people.
We climbed uphill, downhill. Through alleys. Through parks. Across bridges. Across roads and tram tracks. Along the river.


We watched the sun rise outside our window, we watched it set over River Vltava.

We said hello Prague by the river.

And it was also there where we said goodbye.