Weather’s been absolutely amazing lately, it’s hard not to feel optimism seep into your skin everytime you step outdoors in that nice summery dress and sandals.

Unfortunately, true to the life of university students, summer’s when the exams are – so yes, indoors we go (most of the time), to our books and lecture notes and intermittent facebook prowling. But of course there’s always time for that occasional picnic or frolicking in the sun – there’ll be one this Friday, with the Malaysian/Singaporean Invasion, as Ollie would call it, and one on Saturday with the flat.

Hopefully the sun holds up!

I still haven’t blogged about Dover or Edinburgh; I’m terribly inefficient at these things, I know.

But I’ll have you know both were amazing, and it’s  not hard to understand why Vera Lynn sang a song about the white cliffs of Dover! We took a tour of Dover Castle as well, and got to see the underground barracks and hospital that functioned during World War 2. Dover Castle was also where the great evacuation of Dunkirk (yeah this is where I casually mention this as if I know all about history when I actually don’t haha) was planned and executed.

Edinburgh was nice because I met up with dearly missed friends Avonne and Chershiong – and got to revisit some old memories, as well as enjoy some nice couply time with Alex!

Yup, Easter was a blast. In a nice, self-discovering, beautiful kind of way. Now I miss easter like a long-lost lover, oh.

Summer term’s great with all the sun and warmth and green green grass dotted with picnickers and football players, but no matter what it’s still exams, exams, and studying.

On the other hand, though, summer is also a lot of singing – rehearsals are swallowing up lots of my time. A few of the choir people are singing for a play called ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore which is a bit tedious because aside from the usual singing we also have to watch the cast rehearse so we know when to come in – and that takes up so much time! The cast is amazing, though – we watched a rehearsal, no costumes, nothing, and it was horrifying enough at that part where the maid had her eyes gouged out.

Imagine what it’ll be like when all the fake blood comes into the scene.

It will. Be. Amazing.

I’m glad we’re singing for this. 🙂

Also doing a solo for Charity Night. I’m playing guitar as well! Yes I’ve only picked it up in February and I’m bound to embarrass myself, but it’s just not the same if someone else expresses the song for me.

Hope all goes well. Ah.

Here’s a random video. Sick. It’s Domino’s, people, Domino’s.

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