The worst thing about Facebook is it makes you compare yourself to other people and wish things for yourself.

Before I blog about things I should be blogging about I’ll steal a bit of your time to breathe in some emotional air- and muse over why I don’t really like how I’m running my life right now. I hate being out of control, and that seems to be exactly what’s happening.

My music playlist isn’t helping a single bit.

Oh well. Ups and downs, and the rocky slopes in between, and the foot that hurts afterwards – that’s what life is about, isn’t it?

Or maybe it’s all about being self-absorbed and focussing on your own priorities…right. But sometimes that’s what it feels like.

Ugh I hate all this uncertainty. And confusion, oh, confusion.

“You get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you’ll find
And still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
Yeah, you get me”