It’s snowing outside, in such tiny flakes that it looks like rain. Yellow light illuminates the showers, so I can see the exact path of the snowfall. It is lovely and magical. It looks like glitter, like stars from the sky are raining down, except they don’t get bigger as they get nearer.

What Im Seeing Outside My Window

What I'm Seeing Outside My Window

Look at that – that’s just like little stars landed upon the branches of the tree!

I wish I was outside soaking in the cold. Crazy, I know – people have told me that in 3 years all this will no longer be novel, and I will be wishing the snow and the cold away like the flu.

I can’t see it happening. It is all too ridiculously beautiful. It is an outrage that we are treated to such a sight. Ahh, these perfect little moments happen at all too ridiculous hours, really. 5.06 am!

The showers are getting heavier and faster as I type, and the ground is slowly disappearing under a serene layer of white. It is so inviting, so dreamy! It looks as if I could lie on it and disappear along with the ground. I can just imagine it. Sinking, smiling, eyes shut, sinking, as if into a hammock, and then poof, nothing but an unsullied sheet of snow! Like nothing happened!


Two Days Ago


Sort of Where I Live

I am deeply madly in love with this sudden spate of snow showers. Just two days ago I saw the most snow I had ever seen – Warwick was so white, it looked like a scene out of a Christmas movie. And I wish I could share it all with you.

Nevertheless it was a good snow fight that we had – although I’m badly impeded by my lack of physical coordination. So I get hit more times than I hit. But that’s fine!


Looks Like Christmas

And that’s only barely half of us.

My flatmates have a slightly different idea of sharing love for snow days, though – they lovingly made a ‘snow knob’ in my block’s backyard. Last night they were saying that the snow knob would outlast winter. I doubt that really (: But it is adorable how they go about things sometimes!

Things have been crazy lately, I often tell people nowadays. And it’s true. I had a 12 hour day today and none of that had anything to do with lessons – Malaysian Night is two days away, and nerves have been quaking under the mounting pressure! It’s all good fun though. The singing team is improving by ‘leaps and bounds’, in the words of the boss, and it is incredibly heartening to sing with them now! Like someone said, we’re actually starting to look forward to rehearsals…Rather late, I gather, but better late than never. We CAN pull this off!

It’s so exciting. I have a solo line! And I’ve been getting a lot better now too – I can actually sing nowadays without grimacing at the sound of my voice or feeling completely self-conscious about what other people think. I’m glad I’ve been given the chance to lead warm-ups too – reminds me of the days of Raffles Chorale and all the warming up we used to do for 30 minutes or more, the chain back-massaging and things like that.

I miss Chorale so badly!

I know this will sound like a blurb and a gimmick but I think it’s only appropriate that I explain what Malaysian Night is about – it’s a 3 hour show consisting of a play interwoven with cultural/modern dances, followed by singing (that’s us!), then a cultural pseudo-dance (a Malaysian version of Riverdance, I like to think :P). Everything is coming along great. The pace has increased furiously over the past week, spirits are high, I think it’s all going to be good.

I love it all! It’s exhilarating! It’s so different when people put in that extra effort; you feel like it’s actually worth anticipating the event itself because everyone’s pulling their weight and will in some way or other share the highs and lows with you.

I haven’t found much to say about being in Warwick, which surprises me really, because I’m supposed to be living my dream! Maybe because I am a pessimist by nature. Or maybe because I’m really letting time slip by without me noticing, now it’s just gone WHOOSH down a 10-storey high rollercoaster ride and it’s going to be exam term soon. Got loads of work to catch up on…oh dear.

But I will plough through this.

It’s 5.23am and I ought to haul my rear end off my chair and get to bed. Good night!