I’m back in the land of sun, rain and nothing in-between!

Warwick is surreal now- facebook doesn’t lend much realism, any more than Second Life does (what would I know, anyway). The only thing that feels real at the moment is the sticky humidity and the essay I am currently shunning to type this. As usual, inspiration knocks on my door at the worst moments. Are the works of the greatest poets and writers fruits of procrastination and a subconscious will to push other matters aside, I wonder?

If anyone would like to know, my essay is going to be about the US economy. I will be picking a business that operates in the US and assess its vulnerability (OMG A FRIEND ON MSN JUST TOLD ME SHE’S A FAN OF BRIAN MCBRIAN TOO MORE ON THAT LATER <33333) to macroeconomic shocks and yada, yada, yada. I just had the most brill idea to kill 3 birds with one stone. I am David and the essay is my stone, and I will bring down giants with it. Um. Okay.

Yes I will 1. Complete my essay 2. Catch up with the credit crunch aftershocks which i’ve been wanting to do for ages 3. Get to know Goldman Sachs inside out so I can ace an interview for Spring Week, should one come by. Fat hopes there but a possibility is a possibility.

Ramblings aside,

I had a most interesting time flying home alone! There was also a 3-hour transit  in Dubai. Throughout the entire journey I met a couple of rather interesting characters (one fictional one too, I’ll have you know).

On the journey to Dubai, I talked to a couple of young English women who were going to go backpacking around Malaysia and up north to Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. They had no plan! They were just going to travel for 3 months and see where the wind takes them. They were going to stay in “Chinatown”/Petaling Street in KL, and of course I warned them about pickpockets and snatch thieves and such. Clearly I’m not the best representative of the tourism industry in Malaysia, lol.

Then when I was at Dubai, a Nigerian student who was going to further his studies in Malaysia talked to me as I used my laptop, and asked to borrow it to check his email. I reluctantly agreed because we were already past the gate and nothing that bad could happen…am I being too trusting or too suspicious, really? I think we Chinese can be overly suspicious of the rest of the world sometimes. He asked me why I wanted to study overseas and not in Malaysia. Obviously I couldn’t state my real reason, he would probably be offended – so I just stated a partial reason – that I wanted the experience of breaking out of my comfort zone.

Also there was a man who happened to be there and overheard our conversation. He’s a Malaysian – a representative of private educational institutes sent overseas to many, many countries to promote the aforementioned institutes. Apparently while he was at Nigeria he had to be accompanied by bodyguards wherever he went. Scary! So much for ‘experience’, I’m jetting from a safe country to another safe country – some things I will never experience. I don’t think I ever want to, though.

And during the flight itself, obviously I treated myself to some in-flight entertainment and I met THIS guy:

Brian McBrian!

Brian McBrian!

He’s the sweetest, cutest, nicest guy from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2.

I was in the midst of writing this when a friend suddenly messaged me because she noticed my well-publicised fangirl crush on him on my MSN personal message.

He’s our first Asian (by ethnicity, not nationality, he’s Australian <3) celebrity crush! :O

Yeah but that aside his character is so mature and so sincere and so concerned…awh. I should stop this. Lucky for me, my boyfriend’s in Paris so he won’t see this for sometime. HEHE. I think I must have watched the same scene about 10 times. This is so reminiscent of A Walk to Remember in 2001 when I had a fangirl crush on Shane West. Really! It never stops, no matter how old I grow!!

Anyway, the movie is great 🙂 It’s sweet, romantic, dripping with sugary moments that bring the occasional tear to your eye, but it’s kept mostly down-to-earth, never over-the-top with melodrama or exaggerated emotions. Plus there is a lot of eye candy, girls, boys and scenery alike! My favourite character is Tibby (obviously, Brian McBrian’s girlfriend) because her wit, sharp as a razor, is cute and funny and always delivers the right pinch!

Alright. I’m done here. Back to my essay! *poof*