In light of Obama’s win over across the Atlantic, somehow I find this video, shot and performed by Malaysian Artistes for Unity ..somewhat… inspiring.

Anyway I shall do them a favour and post this up, because it is after all a great song.

Plus we’ll be performing this for Malaysian Night 2009. Woohoo. First rehearsal is next Wednesday. Wonder which line I’ll be singing…maybe I’ll get to choose 😉 Quick quick, tell me: low part or high part!?

And here is Obama’s victory speech. I TEARED (!) while watching this. It is incredibly moving. If change can come to America, why not Malaysia? …(and I can’t believe I’m saying this? I’m pretty sure any patriotism left in me got stamped out towards the end of primary school)… I’m fairly certain whatever the catalyst in Malaysia is, it won’t be anything as big as two wars and a financial crisis, though I’m not sure if that should entail any thankfulness on our part. Localised havoc could mean a lot more damage- you never know.

Speaking of havoc, I got to create some last night – it was joint Halloween party with a Haunted House Tour as the entrance, and I got to be a hair-combing ghost who made people uncover a ‘dead body’ on a makeshift bed! Whee!

All dolled up and scary-looking. It’s funny how extremely boring it gets when you’re the ghost, while when you’re the one getting scared, it’s right at the other end of the spectrum.

Coming up this weekend is Chamber Choir’s weekend away, which is EXCITING. It’ll be at Alveston, a tiny village near Stratford, and we’ll be celebrating Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night with bonfires and caramel apples and the works, or so I hear. Finally, some real culture immersion, very unlike my everyday schedule of living in the UK but eating Chinese food for dinner and almost nothing for lunch! Yayyy! (:

Will take lots and lots of pictures – my camera had better not play any pranks on me this weekend (: