Take a bus on the wrong side of the road.

That’s what Sarah, Natalia and I did today when we innocently hopped onto bus 12 to take a nice short bus ride to Coventry for a bit of shopping.

Mind you, unlike the others, I’ve actually been to Coventry a number of times on the same bus.

We went through a really pretty town (which was Kenilworth, we realised later), and wondered for a long time where we were. I unsuspectingly said “Hmm the bus must be taking a different route! I’ve never seen this town!” I’ve often seen “via Kenilworth” flashing on the digital display of the bus so I STILL didn’t think anything was wrong (apparently the fact that buses run in two different directions didn’t occur to us at all).

Hmm. The bus chugged on.

After that we left Kenilworth and passed through some countryside roads, so we thought we were on the right track again.

And the bus chugged on.

A while later we arrived at some nice residential roads with interestingly-trimmed bushes. Sarah commented “These are really pretty houses! I thought everyone’s always saying how dull and grey Coventry is.”

“Ooh they’re like mini mansions.”


And the bus STILL chugged on.

After a while…

Natalia exclaimed “That’s where my friend lives!! This is Leamington Spa!!”

“Shit let’s get down now!”

“Ohmygod are you serious!”

And when we got down we couldn’t stop laughing. SO much for a day of shopping at the ‘city’!

Not such a bad thing I guess…at least we spent the day walking about a really, really quaint town, ate lunch at Subway and even got to shop a bit…though it was close to closing time haha.

Sarah and I Posing In Front of the Sign that Says Leamington!

Sarah and I Posing In Front of the Sign that Says Leamington!

Random picture of nice skies, taken on campus:

Clouds On a Sunny Autumn Day

Clouds On a Sunny Autumn Day