Busy, busy, busy times! I’m doing this with my eyes half-closed so I thought the best way to update is to start by telling you guys what I’ve been buying, in no particular order, off the top of my head:

1. A baby pink Warwick sweatshirt which cost me a frickin’ 20 pounds.

Baby pink!

2. Lilac quilt cover to match my pillow case, tee hee.

Pretty in Purple

3. A plaid miniskirt…and purple leggings (don’t ask)
(okay I’ll explain. Newlook is having discounts for students)

Not this miniskirt, another one I'm saving for later

Choir rehearsal was very good –ย  we did fascinating vocal exercises, even stranger than Toh’s, though I’m not one to talk because this is technically the second proper choir that I’ve ever joined (church choir aside)..We seem to have an interesting repertoire as well. We’re doing Song for Athene, Bohemian Rhapsody and Duel of the Fates for our free concert tomorrow, and sad to say, I’m hardly prepared! Oh dear.

It was inspiring and very novel, however, singing in an entirely new choir where I’m one of the only 3 Asians in the choir, and the only Malaysian/Singaporean. The other two are Japanese, and it’s not much easier talking to them compared to the rest of the Brits.

Also I realise how some locals (no offence to anyone) seem to think that all Chinese-looking people can’t speak English. It’s so obvious how surprised some people look when I approach them, open my mouth and speak in perfect English. I can’t blame anyone for this, I guess, I’d be equally taken aback if a non-Chinese came up to me and spoke in perfect Mandarin (Not that I would know what perfect Mandarin is, of course, hehe). I suppose it’s only time that all of us start accepting that the world is a lot more globalised than we think! I’m glad I’m getting along fine with my flatmates – a sure sign that it would be too presumptuous to assume that coming from different countries necessarily implies completely different wavelengths. The biggest barrier is probably the accent, because I guess that’s what people tend to judge with.

However I am quite pleasantly surprised myself that I got used to the accents so fast, because initially I had a bit of a rough time listening to and understanding different accents – apparently the accents of people from the Liverpool area are quite hard to understand, according to someone, is this true? – but now it’s all hunky dory, and I can catch everything I hear. Now the only thing left to do is to distinguish between the different places in UK. But I don’t suppose that is easy, because from what I read on the imdb forums, many locals cant pinpoint the origin of the accents themselves. Earl, my flatmate, tried the Cockney accent on Vanessa and me today but apparently we don’t hear any difference haha.

Lessons proper have yet to start, so I can’t say much about that- except that we had our first presentation today! The very short project was primarily tailored to help us ‘discover our teamwork styles’, and not so much of an academic purpose, so well obviously it wasn’t very well done in terms of research and analysis haha. But that’s fine, because I’d say it went pretty well for a first presentation with hardly any preparation hehe.

Oh, and I tried clubbing! No, i shouldn’t say that. It should be I tried to ’embrace the clubbing atmosphere’, because somehow ‘clubbing’ seems to imply many consecutive entries, and it seems to imply an enthusiasm which i definitely do NOT feel about ‘clubbing’.

And I have to say, ‘clubbing’ is absolutely boring and such a pointless thing to do. How is dancing, whether or not while intoxicated, to rubbish ‘douche douche douche’ music fun? Sure, the music isn’t rubbish to some people, but even those who think that club music is rubbish claim to enjoy clubbing. Also the music is ridiculously loud. If I wanted to drink, I’d rather have nights in with reliable friends, on cushions, talking, and if we wanted to dance and rock about we’d switch on our own stereo and play music that is actually agreeable with our tastes, eardrums and our heart rates.

It’s a collective pretense, I tell you. Everyone says they like it so everyone else must say they like it too, or be at risk of looking stupid and dorky.

Well, at the risk of looking stupid and dorky, because I really don’t give a crap, here it is: Clubbing is rubbish!!!

With the Malaysian girls

With the Malaysian girls

But I know if a bunch of good friends decide to go together I won’t say no, unless it’s like 10 pounds or something. Because I have to admit it’s funny watching drunk people’s antics.

Unless drunk people start to try and grind, which is what Germany (this guy we know…) tried to do with me, but I steadfastly refused to turn around. Please, save it for some other girl who’s willing enough to throw herself all over you.


Haha okay so that’s enough of a summary of my little adventures over the past few days.

Oh, today was a very good dinner because we met a bunch of Malaysians who were celebrating Hari Raya and treated us to kuih Raya (Ramadhan cakes for those of you who don’t know) and awesome cucur ikan bilis (which is a sort of Malaysian food, made of fried dough with anchovies. Good stuff).

And I discovered, I am a HORRIBLE cook. Hehe.

That’s all. Good night!