I had the craziest night. Not crazy because it was wild and hot and sweaty or anything close, but crazy because it was special, it was new things I’d never done, it was like a breath of fresh (cold) air after my usual tendency to stay away from all things novel and physical.

Let me explain.

I’m the person who gets cheers from my classmates across the field, on the bleachers, when I’m running on the track, because I suck at running so badly that by the time everyone’s finished, I’m still only halfway done with my 2.4km run.

I’m the person who tries to serve a tennis ball for an hour, and emerge unsuccessful.

Heck, I’m the person who can’t even bounce a basketball.

And what did I do today?

I tried AIKIDO with my flatmates!!! Aikido is a Japanese martial art. It involves little physical strength, but using the other person’s attack against himself to defend yourself yada yada bla bla. So yes, because Vanessa, my neighbour, and Sarah decided to give the taster session a go, the rest of the flatmates decided to make it a ‘flatmate outing’ so 5 of us trooped down to the sports centre in our tracksuits.

Okay, we didn’t exactly troop. We ran, because we thought it’d be a good ‘warm-up’ before the session, haha!

The taster session was a lot about kneeling in respectful silence while waiting for the Sensei, and after that, learning to find our ‘centre’ (which is basically about where your muscles cramp when you do situps after a year of not doing any :D), and after that…rolling back and forth like a ball.

No kidding!

You sit down with your legs bent at the knees, roll backwards, and end in a kneeling position. And I can’t even do a back arch! So this was practically gymnastics for me. Plus when people get thrown to the floor, they fall with a sound that is a cross between a smack and a splat, and ten times louder!!

So after a while, Danielle, my other neighbour, and I decided that aikido was so not our thing (because for us, rolling was pretty much flailing our limbs about and landing very unfashionably) so we very conspicuously and blatantly crept round the border of the mats, rummaged in Vanessa’s satchel for our keys, crept some more to the door, grabbed our trainers, and left the room. It was so hilarious – I was so, so completely ashamed, but it was too funny to care THAT much about the embarrassment hahaha.

And then, when we got back in one piece to our flat, I found out that…I grabbed Vanessa’s keys, not mine.

Yes, so I was LOCKED OUT of my own room after all that trouble.

Thank goodness there was Danielle, who offered her room for me hide in while I hung about waiting for Vanessa’s and Sarah’s and Natalia’s return hahahaha.

So after half a glass of red wine, the guys came over to round people up to go out to the bar, because apparently nobody got tickets to Score, which was tonight’s freshers’ clubbing thing. And obviously, dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, I was in no form to go to a bar with the rest. And again, luckily there was Danielle, because she lent me jeans and boots and a necklace so i didn’t look like such a dork.

A few of us, with some other people from upstairs, got together and headed to the Bar Fusion, this nice and pretty quiet place above the Rootes Reception Area (which is where students get a lot of administration stuff settled). I hid Vanessa’s keys and told her where to find them!

And clearly I am not the best consumer of alcohol, because the wine got me a bit lightheaded, but it was a good thing! Because I became such an eloquent person after that!! HAHAHA. So it was really good talking to people I haven’t met from upstairs, and I still remember their names and faces!

Then we went to the bar and I drank some more wine, and while I was feeling like I was levitating above myself, the Treasurer of the Chamber Choir called, and guess what:







Okay, happy burst over.

We also got to know Nicola?, who is an Italian exchange student under the Erasmus program. He’s a lot older because he’s already doing his masters! He’s really interesting too, and we found out that while the British say “Cheers”, the Chinese say “Yum Seng”, the Italians go “Cincin!”

Which is meant to imitate the clink of glasses.

So is that cool, or what?

And now I am back in my room, with a neck that is a tad red and bloody itchy from alcohol.

Best night ever.