Old news: I’m finally here!

In four days, I have done practically everything – shopped, travelled, cooked, gone for lecture.

Things are going good – not great as great can be, I guess, but oh! Nobody ever said that going to a new place would be easy! I definitely can’t expect the fitting in to come naturally over such a short time, but as a friend said – we will persevere! But I’m thankful that I’m in such a pretty place; it makes it all worthwhile. It made this dream worth dreaming about in the first place, so yes, how could I complain? I’m where I want to be! The campus is beautiful – and the chill shrouding it makes it all the more quaint. Campus roads are adorned with trees of leaves that seamlessly form a spectrum of fiery-red to orange to yellow to green on the same trunk. And you know, despite the adage warning us about how the grass is always deceivingly greener on the other side, the grass here REALLY is – literally – greener.

Green grass outside my flat

My room is not spectacular or particularly spacious, but it’s so incredibly cosy. I’ve been having a blast making my room as homey as possible. I bought pillowcases to match my duvet cover! And a kettle, and bananas (I want a fruit basket!), and a Tefal frying-pan, pots…I bought tea and coffee, though I have to admit that was partly because I thought it added to the homeliness of my room, haha. I love shopping for household appliances, and I especially adore buying pillowcases and bedsheets! I’m planning on looking for the perfect shade of purple to match my pillows and duvet (:

Before Unpacking

After the change

I know just a change in pillowcase colour seems like nothing, but I DO think it makes a difference!

I only wish I could have the liberty of buying a pretty mini table or shelf, a nice Japanese lamp to put on my window ledge, wallpaper my room for a bit, and oh, I don’t know! Decorate my room without the constraints of having to move to a flat next year. Moving will be an absolute nightmare- I’d have to move to Leamington Spa, which is a town out of Coventry

And I’ve been cooking! Francesca (Frankie), Vanessa and I (Tocil buddies) made a good watercress soup and honey-roasted chicken yesterday, and today I made chicken curry with Frankie. We even let two of my Brit flatmates try the curry – and they complimented it, aha. Not bad, huh? If only i could get sago – then I’d make sago dessert too!

Had an introductory lecture today as well, and I think the professor had a Irish accent because he was rolling all his R’s. The lecture was not the most ‘riveting’ (I quote the professor!) thing to listen to, because, well, I fell asleep for about 10 minutes, but it was pretty good, albeit a tad intimidating, for the rest of the 2 hours. Tomorrow I’ve got a groupwork session coming up at 9am – somewhat of an icebreaker, I’m guessing. I’m not really looking forward to the getting to the venue, because I predict I’ll lose my way and go in late, but it will be exciting to meet some more people!

Before I go on about Birmingham on Saturday, here’s a quick look at some pretty shots around and in the Math Building , where we had our lecture:

Outside the Math Building

Wall Painting in the Math Building

This artwork is apparently part of the Mead Gallery. Or something, I’m not exactly sure what it was.

Closeup of the Wall Painting

The artist let the paint flow down in vertical streaks I think? From what the info box said, different colours stand out at different times of the day- “yellows in the morning, deep purples in the evening” – now how cool is that?!

Frankie, Me and Ling Xia Outside the Math Building

Frankie, Me and Ling Xia Outside the Math Building

THE Math Building!

THE Math Building!

Travelling – I went to Birmingham with a few of the Singaporeans two days ago! Did a spot of window shopping at the Bullring, and found a nice trenchcoat at Newlook and I fervently wish that they had a size 9 because 8 was tight but 10 was baggy. Such luck! ): And it’s been getting colder, so I have to get a coat quick! Also stopped by the the Chinese quarters for some Chinese food.

More about that later, though.

I’m off to bed! Gotta wake up for class.