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Nyahaha. Maybe this happened when they were filming one of their God-like commercials.


Well just to update you, I’m postponing my flight to the 25th. So yes I have to take my own transport and everything- no free orientation coach pickup from Heathrow for me.

That’s alright. More warm weather and time for my stupid cough to get rid of itself. Plus a harsh lesson learnt – Don’t Freaking Procrastinate.

And I get to thoroughly clean my room and reorganise everything so I can make sure that I’ll properly weed out whatever I can’t bring but will useful for my parents e.g. working pens, bags, batteries, paper etc. OH and I get to compile a How-to document on Skype and MSN Messenger for my parents so that they won’t have to ONLY depend on the telephone.

Ironically, after much ado about leaving friends behind and etc. I think I will miss my parents the most- I don’t have to worry about my friends getting old and lonely. I don’t have to worry about my friends worrying about me like parents do. AND I don’t have to worry about my friends aching from mild arthritis/gastric yet still clean and mop and cook like nobody’s business. Plus I’m sure my friends don’t have a rapidly increasing white hair count.

So yes. After the years and years and quarrels and door-slamming and echoes of hurtful exchanges,

I will miss and worry for my parents ):

When I graduate, I will make sure they come for my convocation; after which I’ll arrange for them to go on a nice holiday – IN A COACH – unlike Paris in 2005 where they walked and hiked like 20-year-old backpackers. I’ll buy my mom nice handbags she’ll never use, so she can arrange them nicely on her shelf in my wardrobe (yeah it’s like that) and admire them, the way she does for all her handbags. I’ll buy my dad….um…ok, a nice wallet. Haha! Who else empathises with me when it comes to buying dad a present?

Yeah, yeah easier said than done – I might overindulge and find that I have no money left to make other people happy.

Scratch that! I will plan my finances so amazingly that even Alex will be shocked!