…I get handed with this bundle of joy-

1. A (probably) late visa

2. A (possible likely) flight cancellation

3. A hacking cough

…which will cause me to

1. Fly alone

2. Take transport to Warwick alone

3. Find out how to take transport to Warwick alone (which is a separate issue altogether)

4. …with a giant 20+ kg suitcase (which is another separate issue)

5. Skip part/the whole of Orientation week

6. Be all the more miserable because my cough will get worse from the chill




..whoever came up with that lame crap about making lemonade when life hands you lemons should check how much lemonade you actually get from one lemon. That’s right. Squeeze it all out, baby. What’s that?

Nothing much.

And it’s sour.

And to make good lemonade you add loads of sugar and water anyway.


Somebody ought to review this stuff. Then shoot whoever wrote them.


On second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t sound so arrogant.

Anyone’s got a prayer to spare? I’m praying too, I promise. Whatever it takes, really.