I am utterly disappointed with Windows Vista Home Basic or/and Adobe; I still can’t decide where to direct my anger.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is only compatible with Vista Premium OR HIGHER and I had the cent-sibility in me to pick Home Basic over Premium to save money, but no sensibility to properly compare the different editions of Vista before making a decision. Gah. Talk about having no foresight!

Though I must consider that at the end of the day, spending an extra USD60 just for the sake of Photoshop is almost akin to impulsive shopping…I would have opted to be thrifty anyway. Then mourned about it later after the deed has been done.

And, probably owing to the subconscious vengeance I am feeling at Adobe/Windows presently, I found myself invariably reading Adobe-slamming writeups haha!


Here’s one from Softpedia, link below:

Adobe: Vista Home Basic Is Nothing! Worse Than Windows XP!

Adobe considers the Home Basic Edition of Windows Vista insignificant, and insignificant is an euphemism. The fact of the matter is that to Adobe, Vista Home Basic is nothing, and it doesn’t even compare to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Microsoft released Windows Vista to general consumers on January 30. However, even from that point on, Adobe still managed to drag its feet when it came down to delivering support for the latest Windows operating system with its software. And half a year following the launch of Vista, Adobe is still far from guarantying customers that its products will integrate seamlessly with Vista.

However, the company did manage to find a shortcut [shortcut indeed! it’s insulting to us non-wage-earners as far as I’M concerned!]. As Windows Vista comes in multiple flavors – and supporting the Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate would have proven simply too much of a task for Adobe – the low end edition of the operating system was completely ignored. If you want to deploy Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 on Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise or Ultimate there is absolutely no problem. But Windows Vista Home Basic just didn’t fit into Adobe’s plans for CS3.

“Support Policy for Adobe Creative Suite 3 on Microsoft Vista Home Basic – Adobe Creative Suite 3 is not supported on Microsoft Vista Home Basic. The product was not tested on Vista Home Basic. If through the course of normal troubleshooting it is revealed that the problem is because of a limitation of the OS and not the application, then Adobe Technical Support may not be able to resolve the issue,” reveals Adobe’s Support TechNote kb400633.

What is disconcerting, and inevitably a source of frustration is that Adobe does support Windows XP SP2 with CS3, but definitely not Vista Home Basic. And in case that the TechNote doesn’t make sense to you, then let me read between the lines. Adobe did not even test CS3 on Windows Vista Home Basic. Still, they do consider that the core of the Vista operating system, common to all editions, might be limited to the basic version.

They couldn’t know, because they haven’t tested it. It’s perhaps more of a hint. Maybe because of the name. If Microsoft has named it Vista Home Medium instead of Basic, then maybe Adobe would have failed to see the limitations. And in the end, Adobe is apparently incapable of offering support for CS3 issues caused by Vista Home Basic. Now, I’ll be honest with you: I think that Adobe believes that their $1,500 CS3 is not fit to integrate with a $199 copy of Vista.-Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor

Gah! What an outrage. (Yes, yes, can you tell I can hold a grudge? Be careful where you tread, o friends 😀 😀 :D)


However, there is still hope for my secret hobby of editing photos to make them look as if my camera is better than it actually is.

The same way I learned in H2 Economics that margarine is the cheaper and lower-end substitute for butter, I learned that there is Photoshop Elements 7.0 that is tailored for the needs of people who are prudent casual users.

This excerpt I pluck from the FAQ section of the Photoshop CS3 Product Overview page:

***Why don’t Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications support the Starter and Home Basic editions of Windows Vista?
The Starter and Home Basic editions of Windows Vista are entry-level operating systems for the casual user. They do not offer the level of support that Adobe’s professional creative products require. However, some Adobe products designed for the more casual user, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, do run on Windows Vista Starter and Home Basic editions.


Casual User? Read that as “You who are morbidly poor and cannot afford Home Premium *TEEHEEHEE*”

So they are essentially saying “For the casual user who wants to buy My Awesome Product, I suggest you get real and get something your level. You know, it’s not like you can afford the CS3 anyway...”

For all I know only Elements 5.0 can run on Home Basic. Elements 7.0 is probably a different story.


P.S. You know, I could very well blame Dell too. They shouldn’t have let me choose between Basic and Premium. And showed me the price difference.

P.P.S. No offence. Whee.