I finally stopped procrastinating.

Little peek at how packing is going:


Bottom layer of rolled-up clothes- sweaters, turtlenecks, tees, cardigans, pullovers, towels, socks and a few pieces of prettier clothing- compacted into the bottom of my bag.

And that’s ONLY the thinner stuff.

Thicker sweaters, jeans, etc. to be piled on top later to cushion whatever’s in-between.

I hear sanitary napkins are a lot pricier over there…so I stocked up. Yup, that’s how you can tell I’m Malaysian (:

MH very generously allows only 20kg for my check-in baggage. So if anyone’s got a packing tip or two, do care to share!

What’s the weather at Warwick like these days, I wonder? I’m going to be stepping off the plane in two layers of clothing, one thicker than the other though, and I hope my metabolic rate is high enough to keep me from freezing my head off.

Not to worry about safety, though – Alex sent me this link – from which I learned that if need be, I could always seek the kindly assistance of:

A jolly London policeman! Ahahaha!