My brother, my uncle and I dropped by at my aunt’s place today afternoon because my cousin (haha got you a tad confused there didn’t I) was leaving for Edinburgh tonight. I of course jumped at the chance because I love my little nephew (no not THIS cousin’s son) to bits…simply because he’s one of the cutest little things on earth.

When we arrived today he was supposed to be preparing for his afternoon nap. However he got enthralled with the arrival of company so he came downstairs to bounce and skip and roll and race and cycle around the living room like a little battery-operated ball.

This is him picking up Indian rupee coins left on an unpacked box of my cousin’s (another cousin, who’s doing medicine in India but back for hols). He rubbed them together, rubbed them against his cheek, and proudly held them out to me, while gleefully declaring “I got money! I got money! I got many money!” – and they were rupees.

“So much money,” I corrected, but I decided it was useless trying to explain countable and uncountable nouns to a baby kid of three. Haha!

He kept pretending he was Humpty Dumpty as well! He clambered up the back of the sofa on which I was sitting, waved his hands, shouted Humpty Dumpty! and let himself slide down so I could catch him while he burst into fits of happy giggles.

After he was bored doing that he rode around the living room on his tricycle, to which he attached a wheelie Peter Rabbit – so Peter Rabbit would trail behind him wherever he went- saying “Oh no!” “Oh my goodness!” “Oh my God!”.

The random things kids do.


Not enough?

I went to visit my grandma that same night and provoked my maternal instincts even further because I got to play with my other REALLY adorable cousin!

He is delightfully rude (in the harmless baby way, of course) and arrogantly dismissive of other kids because he seems to think that he’s on the same level as grown-ups. He flips through newspapers and puts on shades as he pretends to drive my uncle’s four-wheel-drive. He insists on doing grown-up chores like stack away plastic chairs after an extended family dinner.

But most of the time he’s just noisy and full of energy. Today he threw his duvet-cum-mattress over his head and crawled on the floor, saying “Wo shi wu gui!” which means “I am a tortoise!” in Mandarin.

If you can’t already tell, that little lump is him pretending to be a tortoise. That’s my brother’s leg prodding him.

After that he stood up with the duvet still shrouding him and exclaimed “I am hiding! I am hiding!” and plodded around the house like a little cartoon ghost. (He slipped and fell down and I am ashamed to admit that I couldn’t stop laughing because…well it was funny. In my defense it didn’t look like a very hard bump to me!!)

So how do you make a hyperactive little toddler come to a temporary halt?

Put Batman on the telly and he becomes like this:

Now isn’t that just so adorable??


Today I ALSO found out that kids aren’t the only ones who do the darndest things because…

On our way home from my medical checkup today, my dad and I saw this.

See that?


Ohmygoodness. The helpful man (as indicated with the arrow) tried to make some pointed gestures at the package on the trunk but after a sequence of confusing left-right signals the driver didn’t seem to take heed. We lost sight of the car after it took a right turn.

The funny things people do…