So much for the excitement- my well-planned 3-night stay in Singapore got brutally cut short to 1, but that’s how life works, isn’t it? I’m sorry I didn’t tell those I should have told that I came and went, but I really didn’t have the heart to say it, just like how I couldn’t tell some that I was leaving Singapore the other day. But it was a weekend well-spent, despite the searing anticlimax (much like the absence of a hole in my donut).

I met my brother on Saturday afternoon to get myself a pair o’ running shoes at Queen’s Way (THE place for any kind of sports shoes indeed)- and had a McSpicy for lunch. Mind you, this really was the LAST time I’d get to eat McSpicy for a long time because there aren’t any McSpicy’s in Malaysia even. Where is the justice in this world, really?! No scrumptious spicy burger in the Land of Tolerance for Spicy Food??

After that, and then a painstakingly long journey, I found myself smiling like a schizo as I walked down the familiar walkways along the Halls of Residence in NTU to pay a visit to Chongxian and Terry. Terry was asleep on Chongxian’s bed (and MY pillow!) and rolled over and said “Eh Hui Lin I’ve missed you lehh!” Nothing is as heartwarming as an affectionate expression from someone who’ve just woken up from sleep- because it’s almost guaranteed to be genuine!

After about half an hour, I went to Bregitt’s room because we were going to do our dressing and dolling up together for the event of the night- Merdeka Night! (Merdeka means “Independence” in Malay, and 31st August it Independence Day for Malaysia (: so the NTU Malaysians were going to have a little Merdeka party and countdown together). And after all that flurry of repeatedly asking “Are my eyes okay? Is my dress weird? Do this and that match?” we finally trooped down to the Hall 3 Function Hall with Rick.

The night was very much predictable – sketches, funny clips of seniors, more sketches, games (gahh :X), a live band which eventually led the crowd into a wild mess of waving light-sticks clamouring around the stage- I wish I had pictures, but those would have to come from Terry!

I’d rather capture pictures of people:


The theme was Music and the different genres of it – I went retro! How do you like my awesome retro haircut and hairband! 😀

**Merdeka Night pictures this line onwards are from Terry-

You gotta admit Terry looks nice in his shirt, too, eh?

A nice night, aside from the games -sorry anyone who feels the pinch- but it got better.

The rest of the Malaysians went off to the ADM to countdown, but Xomurians (us) decided not to jump into the bandwagon! Instead we went to one of the TV lounges at Hall 12, watched the Merdeka celebration back home live on TV, and called for McDonald’s delivery. We played cards, talked, chilled in the TV lounge like old friends do.

At 2.30 am, we went back to our rooms to change, then went to climb up the ADM building again, but this time, the other, higher, more inaccessible, steeper side of the lawn roof! Bregitt my twin, me, De Zien, Chongxian, Chongjyn and Kevin! And we stayed there to chat -what the few of us do best- until about 5am, then all of us trudged back to sleep- I spent the night in Bregitt’s room.


After two hours of deep sleep, I rushed off to Dhoby Ghaut to meet CLAIRE and VANESSA for breakfast at Cartel in Plaza Sing because….



Will upload a silly thumbnail of you once I get back to my old lappie.

But anyway, happy birthday and I hope you liked the measly present ): You were always the best at picking presents and Claire and I happen to suck quite badly at it, so…

I hope you like the nail polish and the butterfly clips. I was trying to pick something pretty for you!! ):


After that I rumbled off on the bus to Avonne’s place for Chorale batch gathering…a reminder of how great Chorale company is! A gathering that is very typical of post-prac bumming at LT4. Random conversations and Adrian playing emo songs on the piano hahaha and Ruth joining in. We played Guesstures that day! Somewhat like Charades but easier and 5 times the excitement.

Yi Kai as blur as ALWAYS! ((:


Glam shot




And what’s a Chorale gathering for if the four of us don’t camwhore? (:

**First three pictures thanks to Avonne! (:

After Guesstures and Tiramisu for dessert (<3) it was kind of emotional as we were leaving…funny how we got emotional because I thought only I was leaving Avonne’s place early for the bus- then after rounds of hugs, and a specially dedicated piano recital from Yi Kai to Avonne (who’s going to Edinburgh) and I, everyone trooped down together! Another anticlimax.

Then we got emotional at the lift deck again, until Avonne said “Aren’t we all going in the same direction?” HAHA. Another anticlimax.

Then finally we got to the bus-stop…

And it ended there. Beautiful ending! I love my J3 Chorale batchmates.

Gengrui brought on my onslaught of tears with his farewell sms as I was leaving Singapore on the bus.


So this is it. An ending and a beginning.

To memories, to people – and to Warwick!