Amanda or someone once said that I haven’t had a change of hairstyle in 5 years. While I used to protest quite vehemently to that, I now have to concur that yeah, a change in layering and a slant in my fringe doesn’t really count for much.


Because I recently chopped off my hair!!!

And relative to ALL my measly previous visits to the hairdresser, this one was no joke. Gone are the days of going for a hair “trim“, this time I go all out! Bring on the scissors!! Feel my pain as a lock of my hair drifted to the floor with every gentle clipping. I’ve had hair that grew at least 2 inches past my shoulders for the past 6 years. In my secondary school days, I had my ponytail manhandled and stroked more times than I can remember by schoolmates who go “Wahhhh your hair is very soft. Do you use conditioner?” “Wahh I’m so jealous your hair is so soft” “Wahh Huilin you have nice hair!!”

So going for a real haircut for the first time in 6 years (yes I’d like to reiterate the 6 years) was chopping off a finger.

Okay I know, stop talking and unveil the curtains right.


See!! I’m not all that upset with my hair as compared to that disastrous pre-NTU cut, but I’ll say it takes getting used to because you know who I look like now?

Velma from Scooby Doo! See Mich you were right I did end up like Velma. And I will look even MORE like Velma when I arrive at Warwick and put on a turtleneck, heehee.

SO no matter what naysayers say about my hair (e.g. I should put on hair extensions) I shall be happy because:

1. I My mom paid heftily for this. Oh because I highlighted my hair too. Haha! But it’s not visible under dim light.

2. I save on haircutting expenses over in the UK.

3. I save on shampoo over in the UK.

4. It will take me 2 seconds less than you -speaks to my previous self- long-haired suckers to put on a scarf or a jacket or the pretty red trenchcoat I shall soon start scouting for (I wish). (Because I don’t have to free pretty locks stuck under my scarf or collar)

5. I can save on baggage weight because I don’t need a big hairbrush.

6. I take much less time than you long-haired suckers in the morning to make my hair presentable.

7. I can wear retro and LOOK retro. Just throw me a turtleneck and a pleated tartan skirt.


Because 7 is a lucky number, not because I can’t think of anymore reasons.

Whee (:

Okay feel free to compliment blast my hair if you like ๐Ÿ˜‰