[edit]…is unnecessarily spending hard-earned money you wouldn’t even spend on yourself on a daughter who’s going overseas just so she can be the happiest she can be while she’s away.

…is unnecessarily spending 3 hours of your time searching for sheet music for your girlfriend without telling her just because she randomly posted a passing request to her imaginary audience (and later surprising her by email).

…is all around (:

I think I drastically under-appreciate those who are closest to me.



Doesn’t this make you want to cry? Ahh. I can feel my heart crackling with warmth and love and Christmas spirit as I listen to this:

Does anybody want to get me a farewell present? 😀

Get me the scores of all 3 of Love Actually’s love themes pleeeeeeeeease. Here’s the list to make things easier for you, good awesome friends:

– PM’s Love Theme
– Glasgow Love Theme
– Portuguese Love Theme

With a pitiful flutter of my devastatingly short eyelashes, I thank you graciously! ❤