So I left NTU and Singapore last Thursday. That’s exactly one month since freshman orientation camp at NTU, and I must say that one month seemed a lot shorter than possible for all that has happened over that span of 31 days.

It’s troubling that university is really the very last chance I, or anyone for that matter, would ever get to make such close friendships in such a context – young and free and uncertain in the collective anticipation of impending adulthood.

Beyond this there’s no longer such a thing as the likelihood of reuniting with old friends (like Gilbert and Kevin) when we proceed to the next level of our education, no more chasing time to arrive punctually for lessons, no more exchanging of photocopied lecture notes, no more late-night prowling of the campus to look at whatever pitiful sprinkle of stars that dot the Singapore sky, no more mass texting of lunch times and venues, no more random meetups with those who have gone to other universities to reminisce about JC or exchange university stories.

It will be a different world altogether when we step out after these 3 or 4 years. There’ll never be another time where you can find a group of people this close-knit, who are connected through the sort of youthful naivety and exuberance and love for life unique only to this point in life, where all of us are inevitably unified by similar disillusionments and uncertainties and academic aspirations.

Therefore, I suppose, what really pains me about leaving is that I won’t get to go through all of that with these very people that I’ve come to be so fond of – exactly what I’d have been looking forward to had I remained in Singapore. But as my wise OGL said to me, life must go on! However I can’t help but think that paths will eventually split and never cross again, save for the special few; but I suppose that’s what life is like- passing moments of fleeting beauty.

So in the midst of visa application and choosing luggage bags and scourging the malls for autumn and winter wear, here’s to the people I’ve been blessed with over the past month-

Thank you all of you for having been such a crowd of awesome people to love and to be loved by.

Thanks for the gathering and the gifts and the cards on Wednesday night, and I am sorry I wasn’t up to having cream and cake smashed into my face and hair.

Thanks for bringing out a side of me that I never knew existed, and am grateful to have discovered.

Thanks for the past one month, and given the chance to choose again, I wouldn’t have picked any other way to spend that one month.

Here are pictures from Wednesday night’s farewell (i.e. Thursday morning) and the few days before:


Group picture with everyone holding the wire hearts I made! It was late and we decided to bodily sprawl ourselves on the pedestrian crossing because in Singapore, nobody would ever knock you down if you did that 😉

It was so funny whenever someone shouted “Car, car!” because all of us would scamper in two directions to safety immediately.


More random group pictures. Top right: Jackson (in pink) getting “tau-pok”ed on the zebra crossing because he sounded a false alarm.


Bregitt, my evil twin sister and I!


From top left, clockwise:
-Clairebear (who was also my room mate) and I in one of the LTs
-Terry posing for a picture with me but I got cropped out by Chongxian
-Chongjyn acting cute (some don’t need to act (: )
-De Zien my favourite fake freshie and I!


From top left, clockwise:
-Terry my first friend in NTU and I
-Chongx Kevin and I fooling around when I was making the then-unnamed hearts,
-My OGLs – the ones who made it all possible – and I
-and Gilbert my old pal!! See he’s even wearing his old SFI shirt.

Well I’ll stop here for the pictures…the rest shall be uploaded to Facebook as soon as I find the energy. Whatever it is, it’s been an absolute blast! Much love, and see (most of) you this Saturday!