…but here’s to many more merry meetings like this one!

Met up with her today at Thai Express in Paragon to have dinner and a nice talk! She’s flying off to the US on Monday…to UVA! Will miss you, ex-roommate ): You gave me my JC nightlife, that’s for sure! HAHA.

I remember that time a beetle flew over to Nanett’s desk and all I did was hide under the covers! Then Clara and Nanett had to pluckily capture the beetle in an overturned container. Whoops. So much for teamwork, really πŸ˜›

I also remember how, in J1 (first year of JC), I used to spend a night or two in her room to trash talk even though we weren’t even roomies yet. Ahh Nanett! How we have both changed since then!

And the other time during our ‘room shopping trip’, Clara convinced us to take the bus 54 to Orchard…30 minutes after the bus left school later we passed by school again and I think at that point we both stared daggers at Clara. As a result we reached Orchard so late that there was barely any time left to shop! In contrast, the train takes only about 10 minutes to arrive Orchard so yes, do the math!
See, we bought matching tees. Happy and Emo! Hahaha. Nanett’s planning to wear hers on her flight to US. Of course it isn’t so appropriate if I wear mine on the day I send her off, eh? πŸ˜‰

It was funny how we took so long to deliberate whether or not we should get a tee, which tee, what colour, what size, to the extent we had somewhat of a chat with the stall keepers. We asked one of them to snap us a picture of us holding up our tees, and another one of the stall keepers took a picture with her camera as well.

Happy memories (: Good night!