And here are some more pictures of the night walk, courtesy of he who laughs the hardest when people poke fun at him – Terry Mun!

Our OG, Xomura, in the tunnel leading to Clarke Quay! Aren’t we such an awesome crowd? (:
Edit: Chongxian says I must specify this correctly: Xomura and Chongxian! :O

Spot the difference:

Picture A

Picture B

HAHAHA! Okay I’m sorry for such inappropriate imagery..But aren’t they so cute!

View from somewhere on some bridge.

The boys throw themselves at a lamppost on the way to Boat Quay, while the girls look on in disapproval.

Clarke Quay. Pretty.

Happy people on a bridge overlooking the Esplanade.

Along Boat Quay. I love the ambience here.

In front of the Central, after we finished our ice-creams. We were pointing at some people doing reverse bungee jumping.

A picture with the famous Singapore Water-Spewing Merlion (okay that’s not what it’s really called) in the back. Pretty, except for the cranes dotting the horizon.

Okay picture post over. Sigh. If only we had one more week to go! ):


I love how these already overrated spots in Singapore give me such a peace of mind…if I could, I would sit by the river in silence for hours! Soak in the atmosphere, the beauty, the silent hum of passing conversation and watch people glide by, lost in their own worlds! Each one unique and different from mine, from ours. At times like these I lose the ability to judge, and all I can do is take in the sweet, sweet scent of nighttime- the air, the sounds, the lights, the inexplicable peace that comes through such a chaotic mess of elements put together, unified in a single expression of something incredibly beautiful.

Wonderful walk, indeed. And I can only love these people more and more.