I haven’t been writing for a while so I thought I’d better get down to blogging about a nice sweet summary of the past week before my grammar and sentence structures fly cleanly out of my window. This would probably not be the best thing to happen to me right before I embark on business school, no?

It is AMAZING what colloquial English in Singapore can do to you. It is also ASTOUNDING how I couldn’t care less about what’s coming after today: the start of my first academic year in NTU. It is even more OVERWHELMING how my current situation of having one foot in and one foot out, and my heart slowly oscillating between in and out as well, sucks. It is CONSUMING. I am consumed and swallowed by my confusing circumstances, this rerun of a two-year-old nightmare. Mid July isn’t mid July any longer and I really wish someone out there, up there in that 15-storey old grey building, would wake up and understand that and give us poor hopeful undergraduates a breathing chance after having held our breaths for ages and ages on end.


To tangle things up a bit more, the past week has been a thoroughly wonderful week spent with the best people I could have ever asked to meet at camp. It’s been full of wonderful little surprises, both experience-wise and reflection-wise. I just love how my OG-mates, after having been really quiet during the first 5 days of knowing one another, now make such random cute comments and funny wisecracks out of the blue with absolutely adorable poker faces. Yes, people are complicated, but this is complicated in an awfully heartwarming kind of way.

Yet I’m unsettled. I want to leave. But I don’t. But I do. But I don’t. But what the heck I don’t even know if I’m in a position to choose. But then again I have to consider the possibility of it coming and pre-empt…but if I do I’m just paving my way to self-disappointment. Oh but I should be prepared. Oh but…

I’m sure you get my drift.

And then there’s Clairebear to think about…I’d feel absolutely rotten leaving her alone to the joys of, quoting someone, a ‘single deluxe room’ which isn’t much of a luxury at all if you aren’t happy where you are.

Alright alright I’ll stop the brooding…I’ll tell you what we’ve been up to for the past few days.


On Wednesday we randomly decided to plan a steamboat dinner, after which they came to visit my room because it was convenient…yeah yeah I had to do a major 15-minute tidy-up before I dared to open my door.

On Thursday we crashed my room and played card games, one called 99, taught by Yong Zhen, and another improvised version of Heart Attack. Then we went to the on-campus branch of McDonalds to have supper where Terry became a victim of crude jokes (ahahah).

On Friday we went nowhere in the afternoon – I went to Settler’s Cafe for a round of good games with Van PJ Mingqing and Benny, more on that later – but we went for late-night supper! Woohoo.

And on Saturday (technically it was yesterday) after sleeping in, we went out in the evening for dinner at Marina Square where we witnessed a beautiful display of fireworks from the National Day Parade Preview, after which we set off on a wonderful, wonderful night walk through the Esplanade to the riverside to Boat Quay to Clarke Quay.

I shall show you the pictures in parts! Whatever little I have, that is. The good ones are with Terry, shall get them tomorrow.


Settlers on Friday!

We played Blockus. Pei (Noob) Jie played yellow, and can you tell she clearly has no skillz? (: The objective of the game is to put down your pieces such that you block the other colours from expanding and protecting yourself from getting blocked. PJ was kind of swimming around in circles in her happy little corner. Hahahah.

This is us after we got a seat indoors. I haven’t seen Benny in ages! Probably since Graduation Night in December. Mingqing too, I believe…

THe girls at the MRT station. How do I look with contacts on! (;
It was amusing how we were bored playing an intellectual real estate bidding game but immediately livened up again after getting our hands on a brainless shouting game. Haha!

After this- a good night of brainless fun- I went back and joined my OG for supper.


Saturday Night Walk!

There are some parts of Singapore that are so unspeakably awesome, they just radiate beauty despite being artificial and commercialised (haha)- I love the area around Victoria Concert Hall, and all the way onwards down to Clarke Quay.

Before we started on our night walk, though, we were treated to really beautiful fireworks, of which we had a good view from the balcony of the Food Court at Marina Square.

This is us lounging around at the grass patch between Marina Square and Esplanade – on the way to the steps leading down to the road dividing the two places. Chorale’s post-concert steps! Wonderful memories!


The view from Merlion Park. I think my camera is awesome, I can’t believe I captured this.

After that we headed down to Clarke Quay, where we took pictures with Terry’s camera. Shall put them up sometime soon. Must-see indeed!

We then took the Night Rider bus back to somewhere near campus- somewhere I totally did not recognise, but of course that is no surprise… Then Chongjyn masterfully led us back to where I did recognise. And now I am back and safe in my room, and it is so late/early that sunrise is about to come in about 1 hour.

I was going to say that I dread Monday immensely, but perhaps I shall end this post on a good note, so…

Good night! Much love ❤