Truth be told, I went for camp because my dad asked me to sign up (no kidding) and then I finally conceded that much as my ultimate dream deviates from this path of going Overstraits, I shall get all psyched up about this and give it a try. And I can really say that I don’t regret going for camp at all. Fun? Check. Awesome people? Check. What more would I want, really.

I suppose our Orientation Group (OG) is relatively dormant- but I think we are comfortable with each other. I absolutely love this feeling of familiarity, and I hope it lasts, and isn’t just a one day thing that came along with camp high, and like camp high, will blow over.

Awesome experience. ‘Tis amazing what you can discover about people – good and bad and ambiguous, and the kind of bonds that come with spending nearly 24 hours a day together. What Terry said rings so true. This- ANY- group dynamics is unique, and we’d never be get the same taste elsewhere. I think it struck a chord when he said that. It reminds me of how wonderfully weird the Twock family is and how much I always miss the times when all of us would loll around the classroom after lessons and do such unimaginably silly things. This is much the same, just that the things we do are different- special. A special irreplaceable group of people doing special irreplaceable things. I will miss them, because I know once camp is over, once POST-camp get-togethers are over, everything will change as well.

Anyway here’s a list of the people in my OG! Xomura:

Soon Leong Xin Yi Hong Kiat Weng Fei John Jackson Chongjyn Chee Siang Suk Kwan De Zien Ley Sze Bregitt Terry Adeline Chong Yen Kai Ming Ee Shieng Yi Sheng Teck Bin Yong Zhen Li Yuen Wend Li Xin Yi Jr. Huang Woei Liang

Wrote all their names just in case they ever feel narcissistic for a day and Google their names. Then they can stumble upon this post and realise how much


I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a long long time. I have never been the kind to be enthusiastic about station games, but this time was so different. And for this I have each and every one of these people to thank.

I’m really glad we’re now currently enjoying a string of post-camp gatherings, for lunches and dinners and shopping trips and so forth. I love that I’ve gotten to know some of us better! The feeling is really good. And we are already in the midst of planning a stayover at chalet on Saturday…

I wish I could sum all this up more coherently. Perhaps I can say that through a whole wealth of lame jokes and riddles, through dirty and funny games, through quiet sleepy moments of sitting around a table, of casual conversation at lunch, of teasing – Ms. Chong! Adeline and Li Yuen. Fake freshie! – I have met a great bunch of people that I don’t want to forget, ever.

And here are pictures:

Post-camp outings


Camp time!


My OG galpal and I. “Twins”


Oh this wasn’t part of camp, just one of the exhibits at the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 at which I was a ‘volunteer’. Awesome designs! Shall upload all pictures to Facebook.

Alright. I’m off. Good night. ❤