When I tell people I would like to go overseas for my tertiary education, sometimes they throw this back at me: Singapore is also overseas what!

No, I can’t consider Singapore being OVERSEAS. To be overseas you have to cross the seas (from sea to shining seaaaaa…). To be in Singapore you cross a really short bridge over the STRAITS OF JOHORE. When you start from one side of the road to proceed to the other you can already see the other side. How is that overseas?

Right now I’m officially Overstraits: This is my first day of the Malaysian Students’ Association camp at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I just felt like typing it out heehee so it can stare me in the face. How are things thus far? Not amazing, if you must ask. And why? Because I have yet to find something I am actually really happy about, if you must know.

A completely rubbish reason, yesyesyes I know. But I guess I find it’s not really very fulfilling if the days pass with me going ‘oh’ at everything without an occasionally ‘yay’ and a mental clap of the hands in delight. Surely you can empathise? Whatever it is, I do want to go to Warwick. I really do. And I suppose it’s more of a I want to go to Warwick instead of a I don’t want to go to NTU. It’s a pull and not a push factor that is stoking my discontentment. Big difference.

I’ve already met a bunch of seniors from Malacca and saw — who were from my secondary school. And either I didn’t wave hard enough, didn’t stare hard enough, my glasses are too radical a change from my previous look, or some of them aren’t exactly the friendliest people in the world. Nice life. On the other hand, there are also a few who are incredibly nice and friendly…too bad they are in their final year.

Administrative matters – medical checkups and so forth – were so-so, but we were running late, because the admin officer kind of overlooked my group altogether. Also it was kind of a big mess at some spots and there had to be other older staff hovering around and shepherding people in and out of buildings to keep the space clear and breathable. I think I was drenched in sweat all morning thanks to the post-rain humidity and the number of people milling around and constantly rubbing shoulders around me.

(P.S. I don’t think blood tests are supposed to be painful when the nurse is removing the needle, right?)

I know, you can probably feel the childish negativity radiating from this blog post. Ehehe. But it’s a rant (check out the category!!) and rants aren’t supposed to be unleashed at the most rational of moments.

Anyway it is 5pm and I am in my new room, on some sort of break because I don’t need to tend to opening a new bank account like the other international students are doing right now, as I have an account from my last two years in Singapore. Yay. At least I can have some time alone and wallow in self-pity for a bit.

Gosh this is terrible I must snap out of this. I know this isn’t a bad place at all but…is it really that greedy and narrow-minded of me to want something more? The verdict is that I do not like it here so far…but so far’s only been one morning and one afternoon. So perhaps I shall persevere and give this a shot.