…oh, just contact lenses.

Happiness is when after such a long time of being freaked out about sticking something onto my eyeballs, I finally get myself daily contact lenses!!!

We went back to our regular optometrist and they were so nice and patient about it despite having to entertain such a long-winded and terrified customer like me. They taught me how to put them on and take them off, wash them and put them back on.

I initially took very, very long, just to get one lens into one eye- my right. Then I tried my left.

Which was then I realised my left eye is either marginally smaller than my right (thanks, as if both aren’t already SMALL ENOUGH as they are), or the composition of the flesh of my left eyelid is slightly different because it was much harder pulling up my left lid properly!!!

After the putting-on was over and done with, I thought, phew. Ain’t so bad, was it? Then came the taking-out. That was a complete nightmare, because I don’t merely touch my eye, I PINCH my eye, sort of-I felt like I was about to tear off a chunk of my cornea.

In fact, the really sweet shop attendant had to remove my right lens for me. And strangely enough, having someone do it for me was easier to get through? Anyway after that I managed to remove my left lens. Traumatic indeed. When I put them back on again, I felt like an old hand already. The lesson you learn from adversity- there’s always something worse to come.

Anyway, here’s the after and before:

My eyes seemed to magically grow bigger after an hour or two of wearing them. Just a matter of getting accustomed to seeing my bare eyes, I reckon.

I asked them a bunch of curious questions and here’s what I found out:
* It’s impossible for the lens to roll to the back of my eye (I also read on some website that there’s a membrane connecting my eye the the back of my eyelid so the lens can’t slide through)
* I can take a shower with contacts on
* I can wash my face with contacts on
* I can rub my eyes, but carefully
* If rainwater gets in, no problem

If it’s a problem, it’s only because the lenses get flushed out and then you can’t find them anymore, and not because they move about and stab my eye, or my eye gets a nasty infection, or anything close.

Wow! I never knew they were that flexible!

After about 6 hours of wearing them around the house, I took them off again, by myself, and I’m proud to say the time I took to remove the lenses reduced considerably heehee. I’m getting better! Anyway here they are:


Before I go, here’s a funny quote from my dad, who is a teacher:

“Today I told them [his students] that procrastination is the thief of time. I said, don’t be a thief! Be the policeman! And then nobody laughed. I think they didn’t understand!”

Haha isn’t my dad so cute sometimes.