You know, all this time that I’ve been making pouches and sashes and what not, I’ve never really made a pouch for myself. Sure, I kept two of those I made because:

Pouch #1: It was a first attempt and too simple/tainted with tiny defects to be saleable
Pouch #2: Well the hand stitching was kind of screwed up…

So one day I decided to make a pouch for myself. Like really set out to make one I really like. So of course a natural prerequisite was that it’d have to be purple; luckily I kept this nice bit of awesome purple satin from my stash of cloth specially for personal use, be it a scrunchie or pouch or whatever.

So, from this…

to this:

to THIS (ta-dahh):

and this:

Yeah and I realise that when I’m making my own stuff I don’t care to make it as pretty as immaculate as I would for the pouches/sashes I actually put up for sale!!

See that line of black thread? Complete rubbish. Hehe. Normally I’d sew it such that the thread is UNDERNEATH the lining but this time I didn’t feel like sewing the lining too close to the zipper so I decided to not bother.

And after a few months of using my other satin pouch, I realise that these pouches are surprisingly quite hardy! I stuff my phone, my facial tissue, my facial blotters, notes, coins, receipts etc. inside but I’m quite surprised it didn’t go out of shape or show beginning signs of tearing or anything.

Other things to note from the sewing: Somehow even though I THINK I sew straight, the bottom of the pouch always curves in. Then when I stretch it, it’s straight. When I let it go limp, the bottom curves in again. Help?? Is it because the stitches are too tight or something??

Okay anyway now I have to make one for my mom before I go off to Singapore this Sunday. Oh dear. I am really, really not looking forward to this Sunday…

You know what would be ideal? Halfway through my Malaysian Student Association orientation camp, my dad calls me to deliver the good news!! Then after 3 days of funfunfun and making friends, I turn back to go home…and wait to board a flight at the end of September πŸ˜‰

Wishful thinking ):


I was on my way to church the other day, and here are a couple of pictures for people like Vanessa Pei Jie Claire Michelle etc. who (planned to but) won’t be coming down to Malacca for a lonnnggg time ):

The old new bridge, whatever it’s called (heheh). I like these kind of slopes, they kinda look like highways to heaven.

Here’s the badly captured sea view along the bridge.

Okay I’m off. My novel awaits me. And so does this Sunday. ARGH!