I just watched Deja Vu on Star Movies/Cinemax/HBO (oh I can’t remember) today!

In fact, about 20 minutes ago, I was watching the ending ahaha. Well anyway I thought it was a good movie – fast-paced, tragic because the characters were all such nice straightforward people (it’s easy to sympathise that way), with an added dash of cool time-travel technology.

I think Denzel Washington has a tragic face. He exudes this noble, I’m-going-to-sacrifice-my-life air about him in almost every action movie with him on the cast. Like Man on Fire! Remember how he traded his life for Dakota Fanning’s character? Denzel Washington…awesome cop. Always a pleasure to watch 😉

OKAY NOW, TIME TO FANGIRL!! This movie has a really hot baddie. Jim Caviezel omigosh! I was wondering who this cross between Michael Vartan (who is a dreamboat) and David Beckham (who is overused) was….and I swear I was about to slap myself on the face when I saw Jim Caviezel’s name on Deja Vu’s imdb page. How could I not have known! Jim Caviezel is so good-looking (((: In the Count of Monte Cristo and in this. Heehee.

JIM CAVIEZEL whips out a gun!!!

He was so cool in the interview scene with Denzel Washington. I always thought the whole bad-boy charm had never been my thing, yet Jim Caviezel looks decidedly BAD here. How is it that some guys get away with everything? But he is getting old…floating around the net are pictures of him where he looks like a gracefully-aging priest. No kidding.

Okay done with fangirling.


Here’s my potato soup.

Which I must admit looks like baby broth or something worse, you figure that out.

And it came from this big lump of mashed potato goodness.

Might I add that this recipe is 100% vegetarian and so healthy, I wouldn’t eat it if I didn’t make it? I’m too young to stick to a healthy diet just yet (; It’s made ONLY of potatoes, low-fat high-calcium milk powder, low-fat light margarine, pepper, a pinch of salt, and a sprinkling of healthy veggies- green onion, tomato, and cilantro. It’s not bad at all, I would say, but I think I ruined it when I added a dash of Five-Spice powder on impulse, just because it happened to be on the shelf and staring at me.

So the next time I am low on carbs (unlikely) and need a spoonful of healthy living, I’ll know what to make. Minus the Five-Spice.


This morning, my mom drove me to the eye specialist for a checkup- because I’m about to make a new pair of glasses. Eye appointments are fairly interesting, I’ll say- I love looking at the ‘Christmas tree in the distance’ when I have to put my chin on some sort of contraption so the doctor can take a good look at my retinas or whatever. But of course the best part is choosing my new frames 😀 😀 I chose a red pair – thick and squarish and metallic. A far cry from my usual geeky, wiry good-girl spectacles!! I can’t wait to try them on. New glasses, new perspectives, new chapter. Everything’s a-coming soon (:

Also did a bit of shopping for university supplies with my parents today. As most of you should know by now I still haven’t the foggiest idea when I’ll be going off to university- or whether I’ll be taking the bus for 4 hours next Sunday, or flying for 13 hours in end-September. I have no doubt the decision has been made, so right now I shall squirm and wait for bad news. (I must assume it’s bad news so I can dodge any impending disappointment. I must I must I must.) I hate to think of what’s coming, and thinking is inevitable- most unfortunately for me.

Anyway I bought a nice pair of black capris- good stretchy material with a slight sheen which is really pretty and classy, and it fits me so well. I like it a lot (: Plus it’s only RM37, and from a trusted brand around here (bless these discounts). Best thing is it even comes with a satin sash! Ahaha! A satin sash! Like I don’t already have a multitude of substitutes, all self-made and in a variety of prints and colours. Ha. Oh god. Show-off.

Now will somebody stop me from blogging everyday?

Off I go. A pouch to make tomorrow, and a book – Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham – to read. I’m considering changing to an Ian McEwan novel for now, I think I’m in need of a good dose of romance (sort of).

Loves (: