So I’m back from my very very short trip to Singapore, from our last class gathering before everyone takes off to all the different corners of the globe to get back to studying. Disgusting. We’re actually going back to burying our noses in textbooks! After 12 full years of it! So much for a ‘refreshing and challenging undergraduate experience’- right now all I want is more time at home to eat and sleep and read as I like before I have to start self-disciplining and surviving on 3 hours of sleep every night all over again.

The gathering was at Han’s place, and we had a turnout of 19 our of 28. I’d say that’s impressive already, knowing us. Still, 18 people couldn’t finish 9? 10? boxes of pizza, and I feel kind of bad that every time we crash Han’s place we leave leftovers behind. But at least we help with the cleaning (:

Anyway, ta-da: 07S06H. ❤


Terribly image heavy so I shall be nice and not hog your bandwidth.
The rest of the content under the cut: (added some excerpts of silly conversations)

And as Vanessa pointed out, ONLY in 6H can you observe the BOYS sitting down while the GIRLS stand around the table, out of reach of the food, and, contrary to what you’d expect, none of the guys actually bothered offering the food to us! It was more like, ‘Let’s get to the food before the guys finish it all up’. Haha. But well we love them all the same 😀

me: wah ming loong you’re damn pai. why unbutton so many buttons. then hair so spiky.
ming: really?
-becomes self-conscious and tugs at his shirt-
ming: but in japan everyone unbuttons two buttons when they wear their shirts like this!
mich (i think): you’re not in japan!
ming: okay i button up now.

HAHA. So cute.


Claire and I retired to the computer room for a while to watch So You Think You Can Dance clips of Ivan (who is so cute) and Allison on Youtube; then we were joined by Han who gracefully honoured us with his presence soon after.

Claire: They are damn cool right?
Han: Dammit! I gotta learn the Argentine Tango.

Me: Gosh. Dammit. Ivan is damn cute.
Han: -smugly- No he’s not.
-Claire and I give him sidelong glances-
Han: -smugly- Nope. Nahhh.
Me: You’re jealous.
Han: Nahh, he’s just okay.

Me: Han go get me a drink!
Han: No.
Me: Please!
Han: No.
-Ming Loong conveniently comes into the room-
Han: (from his wheelie chair) Ming Loong! Drag me!
-Ming Loong obliges and drags Han on his wheelie chair across the room-
Han: Sure I’ll get you a drink! I have help.

So after a flurry of class picture-taking, and hurried goodbyes to people who had to leave early, and wondering whether we’d ever be seeing some of these people ever again (really, you never know!), and a ghastly failure of an attempt at camwhoring with Vanessa in the yard,…

me: -shutter clicks- oh that sucks let’s try again.
van: -shutter clicks- damn. it’s blur.
me: -shutter clicks- crap. we suck.
van: -shutter clicks- we should try putting it on the table and use the timer.
-we try to arrange ourselves and the chairs and table-
-Mich sticks her head out-
mich: what are you doing???
van and me: errrr…(some vague answer) can you help us take the picture?
mich: (who was watching House MD on TV) oh okay. do you know what happens in this episode of House?
me: ya i watched it already. isn’t it on now?
mich: ya! I wanna know what happens!
me: go watch la.
mich: but you asked me to take picture!
me: nvm la! go watch la!!
-mich disappears into the house-
-we get back to arranging-

van and me: um let’s try that.
-someone closes the door and we see a hand pull the door shut (i.e. CRAP someone saw us)-
van and me: -instantly embarrassed- WHO WAS THAT!!??

Lol. We are CLEARLY adept at handling the camera. Hah.

And then we settled down to our sleepover! Apparently some of these guys who go to National Service have nothing to look forward to in their lives except their sweet weekend escape to Dota, because CQ didn’t want to stay over so he could go home and play Dota…with Han. And mind you, we were at Han’s place! But Han stole CQ’s bag and locked the gate so CQ missed the last train home. AHAHA. Good job.


This is CQ mournfully putting on his shoes or something. For the rest of the night and morning he trudged around with his bag stubbornly slung on his shoulder…yeah, as if we’d want to steal his bag NOW after we already won the battle.

The best thing about the bunch of us (Twock!!) is that…we are a really cool bunch. When we’re together,
We don’t club.
We don’t stay out.
We don’t do things supposedly normal teenagers on the verge of ‘adulthood’ do.

We were holed up in the computer room, all nine of us, and watched and helped Oxford-bound (tsk) Ian Wern play Text Twirl (which is a game on Facebook where you rearrange letters to make words according to the number of alphabets specified). For ALMOST TWO WHOLE HOURS, we watched Han and Kah Han compete to guess the six-letter word.

Han/Kah Han: Oxes!
Ian Wern: It’s not oxes! It’s oxen!
-checks Oxen: 1 or 2, Oxes: More than 3-
Everyone: Wth?

We found out the difference between oxen and oxes and ripped on one another, calling Kah Han or Han ‘ox’ (clumsy and stupid), our attention diverted and heads turned only when Ming on the other computer found some interesting videos, e.g. the trailer of this new flick, Blindness, which looked exciting but seemed like it might just turn out to be another The Happening (We’ll see about that). And on the OTHER computer (Han has quite a few), Michelle and Liben surfed nitrogen dioxide.

We are such geeks. Complete geeks. But I am truly very happy with that fact (:




Sleepy people in the morning, sending Ming off

And the next morning all of us except Han and Kah Han trooped to Delifrance at Taka for the breakfast buffet, supposedly PJ’s long overdue birthday get-together :D. Claire and PJ joined us! I think malls are so cool early in the morning because there isn’t a single soul around, and the mall smells so new and looks so polished and feels like it’s ours to invade!




Well okay. Thank goodness there are no final goodbyes to these people just yet…either way I go, I’ll still be seeing them around, so, yay! Here’s to more merry meetings, people (((:

(Ahh. So lengthy but I don’t think I did a good job of summarising this sleepover/gathering ): Think I missed out on a lot but I can’t for the life of me seem to be able to capture it all nicely in my head, curse the short-term memory loss)