So this is where fiddling with the Feather tool got me.

I like.
I was initially attempting to come up with some cool new collage concept so I could develop a 10R-sized collage of all my favourite people, i.e. the people I’d like to hang on my wall (HAHA that doesn’t sound so right, does it?). However, unsurprisingly, I ended up going in this direction again…pastel colours and pictures of me and alex and and floral prints.

What’s new?? I am sorely predictable when it comes to designing stuff in this vein- cards and etc.

I also did one up for the galpals,

And we look like the exterior of an ice-cream truck. Walls, to be precise. Okay, so my choice of colours isn’t exactly the best in the world, that I can gather. Oh but I just remembered that we were at Haagen-Dazs for this one so maybe it’s befitting of the circumstances eh.


Hmm. Both the things up there look kind of ORIENTAL, don’t they? All that splashes of red and Chinese-looking flowers just reeks of flamboyant dancers and prosperity.

I am very glad for Google nowadays, because I don’t have to painstakingly make the effort to look through Photoshop’s Help index. The best thing about searching for tutorials online is that you can actually use whatever layman term and probably still be able to come up with something useful. However I have to complain that some tutorials are about as impossible as Adobe’s own help function.

You know what I can’t stand about Wiki’s finance pages? One jargon leads to another, and another, and another, and in the end I forget what was the very first jargon I was looking up in the first place.

The same goes for these tutorials. What in the world is a ‘vignette’?? I have to read it about three times before I actually get what they’re saying.

Anyway, Photoshop is fun. It certainly requires a shorter concentration span in comparison to, say, MRS. DALLOWAY.

Anyone’s got any nifty Photoshop decorative tools that you might care to share?

P.S. Why does WordPress keep automatically eliminating extra line breaks?


Sleep’s been awful lately, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Sometimes I dream and sometimes I don’t. When I do, I get plagued by the strangest dreams…

Here’s one

I dreamed that a number of people I know were seated at this long, wooden, antique table in a French cottage. There were two doors parallel to the length of the table – I was seated facing the doors. There was a rattan basket of fruits in the middle of the table, and one of my Citibank colleagues (Wai Shuen) sat right across to me, which means that the fruits were between us. We were right in the middle (i.e. think Jesus at the Last Supper). I don’t remember where everyone else was sitting.

I knew the cottage was on a hill- because outside the door was only a little bit of ground and all sky and clouds.

Then Friedemann got up to pour water from a transparent milk jug into his glass.

reali(SING) ∫riedemann says:
lol that is so random
reali(SING) ∫riedemann says:
what was i doing with your citibank colleagues?!
jeopardi(SING) hui lin says:
it wasn’t just you
jeopardi(SING) hui lin says:
it was a bunch of friends
jeopardi(SING) hui lin says:
but u got up to pour water……
jeopardi(SING) hui lin says:
how would i know why you were thirsty???

What the hell.

Here’s a second:

This was last night.

I dreamed that a Korean celebrity proposed to me.


It was quite funny, and frankly quite shameless, because apparently he was engaged to someone else before that…until he met me. Of all the hilarity in the world…the ‘ring’ was something made of pearls. But strangely it wasn’t exactly a ring, it was some sort of ornament, but in my dream I somehow knew that I was supposed to assume that this pearly ornament was my functional ‘ring’.

PEARLS. If I were to ever accept any wedding proposal from a celebrity, am I going to accept PEARLS?

Yes yes yes but the bigger question is: Did I accept the proposal?

I DID! I dreamed that I accepted it, because I wanted to show off to my friends. I was thinking, in my dream, and I’m serious about this, “Ha ha I can add him on Facebook and everyone will see it.”

Clearly, in my dreams, Facebook is a bigger deal than a grand wedding.

But a minute later, I said I wanted to call it off…because in my heart I knew I loved Alex and if I got married to this long-haired small-eyed pretty boy in a white suit, I wouldn’t be happy at all, and of course Alex would be devastated.

So I said no.

Then the celebrity was devastated.

Then I woke up.


What an appalling dream. WHY DID HE HAVE TO BE A KOREAN STAR?

I don’t give a crap about the Korean entertainment scene!!!!! I don’t! The only person I know is Rain, and that is because I watched Full House, and that is because Song Hye Gyo is really very pretty, and that was in 2005 before I discovered the joy of House MD and Numb3rs and CSI:NY, the joy for which I would give up any sappy Korean drama in half a heartbeat.



(Sorry Alex, you know I love you (: )

Here’s a third

Now this one was really very terrifying, and I felt somewhat haunted all day. It’s the oldest of all the three, so I can’t remember it in great detail. Nevertheless, I shall entertain you by trying.

I dreamed that I was in a wide, spacious courtyard surrounded by old whitestone buildings. However the colouration of the scene was very yellowish, something like how CSI Miami is on TV – everything was tinged with yellow, including the concrete garden paths, the grass, the flowers.

The flowers were everywhere. They were paper-thin, and printed- as though they were cut out from random pages of a fairy tale bedtime storybook and pasted onto the scene. And they were always moving- sort of curling inward and outward, constantly growing and shrinking, in all their absurd two-dimensional glory.

And then I saw Alex. Then one became two, two became three, and suddenly I realised that I was surrounded by Alex clones- all dressed the same, but all saying different things and making different gestures, things Alex would normally say and do, with Alex’s usual mannerisms- but engaging in what seemed like monologue. And they were all indifferent to me, like I wasn’t even there.

So I approached each Alex, desperately trying to ascertain which Alex was the actual person. I reached out and tried to get hold of each Alex’s arm. But each time my hand passed right through him, like he was just a hologram. A ghost. I remember going into deep despair, and feeling completely helpless.

Then suddenly one of the Alexes called my name. The real Alex at last! I remember being overcome with relief. Somehow, we started making our way out of the godforsaken courtyard. All was well.

And then…I tried to hold his arm.

And my hand passed right through.


Right at that moment, it really felt like Alex was lost to me forever and he had never been anything but an illusion. And the worst thing was, I could see him right before my eyes. I could see SO MANY of him. Can you imagine the feeling?

Then I woke up feeling as desperate and scared as I did in the dream.


Well there you have it. My sleep’s more exciting than my waking days.
Will mid-July come soon, please?