I don’t regret my stint at Citibank one bit. Time well-spent, indeed! Yet I don’t brood over the fact that it’s finished, either…once in a while it just so happens that there’s only so much time you should spend in one place, at one point in life, before it becomes less special, less educational, less of a treasured memory. And then it feels like the learning curve has flatlined somewhat.


My dept unit on the day of my farewell. There’s Karen, my OIC, behind me and slightly to my right. Hazlinda is the one in the light blue tudung, and well, she’s just someone I have a lot to thank for. In fact I can bluntly say that there is something I deeply appreciate about everyone in this picture, and that’s a huge part of the reason why this internship was much more than merely what I set out for (that is an opportunity for me to prep myself for the sad, sad reality of being a working adult).

Like I mentioned fuzzily somewhere before…I love how people can spring such surprises on you with a little, insignificant show of thoughtfulness. Beauty in simplicity! What I love best about people, is perhaps that there is so much power in a fleeting emotion, or thought, or act, or just a word, really-so much more than something you try your hardest and longest to render perfect!


The cake, on Karen, and the framed photograph from Linda.
(I think cake shops can really make a lot of money from setting up shop next to big firms)
(They should sell disposable plates and cutlery too)


la perfection. (: I love!

Flowers from Alex, specially delivered to me before noon. Did I ever mention how much I love this guy?
The rose is still fresh and happily a-blooming. That really says something us, huh 😉 Unfortunately I couldn’t find a classier-looking vase that wasn’t already in use so this big mug shall do.

I suddenly remembered that I have a penchant for vases. Because I was looking for a vase I bought four years ago on a school trip; this elegant, sepia transparent thing that I filled with pebbles I collected from exploring this cave-Gua Tempurung- up north of Perak, or somewhere in that region. I looked for it on the shoe-rack, which was where I placed it since then, but it wasn’t there, and I actually felt rather sad, because I really liked it, and suddenly noticing its absence kind of stung. I mean, it’s four years old, older than my favourite nephew! And contained bits and pieces (literally) of my first and only caving experience.

I wonder where it is. Well anyway, I had to resort to this ugly stubby porcelain thing. And I resolve to buy more vases.

I have a habit of collecting paper napkins from places I eat when I travel. I have a napkin from Durham (this sweet red thing with dull gold stars), from Budapest, from Edinburgh, and other places I can’t really remember. But of course I only keep the nice ones…who can tell the white ones apart? So maybe now I’ll switch to collecting small vases.

What a practical idea. Haha.

My apologies for veering off-track.

Here are my parents and I. They came down to KL on Sunday to get my stuff, plus let my mom shop around KL and Midvalley for a bit.
I think the last time I had a picture taken with only my parents was…10 years ago? No kidding.

And really, where are the good clothes for adult working women in their fifties these days? Are they all expected to dress young like so many do? It’s really creepy on MRTs in Singapore when sleek women in trendy outfits with trendy hairstyles spin around to reveal wrinkled, aging features, when from behind they look about twenty.

Sorry, I’m not being ageist or anything, but seriously. Dress your age. It’s creepy if you don’t. It’s always a good thing to age gracefully, rather than look as though you’re clinging on to every last bit of your youth by applying ten layers of concealer and bronzing powder.

Dressing young is one thing. Dressing old is another. 11-year-old kids strut around malls in smocked tubes and hot shorts and trendy bags, looking like they stole their older sisters’ stuff. Honestly! Smocked tubes on 11-year-olds? Why do they even need the smocked part, I don’t know…Smocked or not smocked, it ain’t gonna make a difference, baby, you’re still all straight at the sides. Jeez.

One thing I can say is, thank heavens for Metrojaya. Haha. Good going, you people who understand women.

I’m mean :S I quote Hugh Laurie, a ‘horrible, HOrrible person’.

I miss these people….and I’m probably seeing most of them on SATURDAYYY 😀

Alright, off to install Graphmatica for my mom on the PC.