Winner of Marie Digby’s Video Contest – Peter Park.

I just find this so endearing (:

Hugh Laurie i.e. HOUSE with a BRITISH ACCENT on Friends!!

How come I’ve never seen this? I thought I saw every episode of Friends that ever existed from season 5 onwards.
Must have missed this one. Is this the one where they went to London and Monica came to look for Joey??
Is that pre or post Season 5??

Whatever I’m too lazy to find out but Hugh Laurie is HILARIOUS.
[*clamps on fingers* Oh no!!] HAHAHAHA

HOUSE Bloopers!

“Seriously, I speak English.” Haha!

If you can’t tell, I’m back in Malacca i.e. getting spoiled by too much leisure time once again. Please remind me to finish my books.

Speaking of books, I got Black Dogs by Ian McEwan! I can’t wait to get started…once I plough through Mrs. Dalloway. :S I’m failing miserably at trying.